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Do you wanna go to sum up? What I feel like it's yeah, exactly. I just feel like yet to piggyback that I think that his portrayal was a hindrance. It wasn't even good like the jokes that he did weren't even good of the stereotype. You know what I mean? There's good hood stereotype like, oh, it's so hood. And then there's that joke and it could still be good, and he wasn't even bad at that. So it's just corny, man. It was just nothing about this was honest. I mean nothing about this. Nothing about this movie was honest. I don't see how it would push anything forward. I Don. I wouldn't watch none of the people in this were at their best. I wouldn't watch any of the black people in this and be like, oh, you know what essence Atkins was really good, haunted house. Somebody put her in something like it was all. Yeah, just a terrible, terrible movie. Yeah. I mean, like I said, like I can watch Marlin clown for ever. It'll always be funny to me and so like big upset him for what for his attempt with this movie and like, you know, congrats on the money that he made from it because I think that even though like Marlin never disappeared. This was sort of a part of resurgence for him, you know? And he's sort of still writing that and still working towards. Future in the game, you know, in a maintaining a staple in the game, you know. But like, yeah, like they're just too many things that are bad portrayal about this movie. I was close to giving it a palm because just out of like, yeah, like black leads, etcetera, etcetera. Like he was a black cruise, right? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, the director and the writer co writer are both white, but but yeah, probably probably black clue. Everyone else. And then like, you know how many times you see, Robin, and if you're not Crockett and just hanging out in a movie like, so, you know, I almost gave it a palm for that, but there are just too many things about it where it's like where it's like we don't. I don't want that to be how black people are perceived. Like we think hope Afo BIA's this we, you know what David was saying earlier about, like just how many people watch these kinds of movies to to make fun of black people. And it's it's such a hard line to, you know, it's hard line because like like the thing that I was so upset about earlier, like, shouldn't we just support all black every right, like it's like, yeah, we, yeah, we should support black entrepreneurship in like black people in films. And so I'm glad that like we rented this movie so that we can watch, you know, I'm glad about that. But I felt the same thing with whoa cash. Like I like the first thirty minutes of. Okay. And then the rest of, okay, I was like, oh, he's he's joking about that stuff and I didn't, and I. Just didn't understand why that is something that he's still finds funny. So I, I respect Marlin and still following him, but it was. It's like so hard that he thinks some of these things are funny. It's just it's, it's not funny, and I think he needs to be better about that. Yeah. So, yeah, I gave it a palm and the reason I gave a poem because it's employing people got a sequel and. I do think it keeps people working, which allows them to keep their sag card. Insurance. Allows them to maybe try to break out. Right. But the reason I gave it a pump is because they do to break out because this is a trap, you know, like and this trap happened, so had actors too, but it's really hard when it happens blog. I actors when you get trapped in these kind of universes, and people just think of you as you're the dude, who does those dumb spoof movies or you're the, you know what I mean?.

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