Richard Nixon, Hector Velazquez, Pedro Baez discussed on Sean Hannity



Points 1.5%. It was an up and down session stocks all over the board this morning before the bell. We gotta look at the nonfarm payroll numbers for the month of February showing the economy added 379,000 jobs last month that was well above what analysts had expected. Now. Nearly all the gains came from leisure and hospitality as More restaurants and bars and other states begin to open But it was good news for the economy. We did see longer term interest rates rise, which caused pressure early on for stocks. Oil up $2.26 $66.9 a barrel that's the highest since 2019 gold prices down $2.20 an ounce $1699 for the week. The Dow industrials have 566 points. That's 1.8%. With the jack of your money from the Office of Heritage Asset Advisors. I'm patched him produced radio 7 40 Ktrh. While presidents in their first year of office typically don't give a traditional state of the Union address. It is customary for them to address a joint session of Congress within their first month or two in office. President Joe Biden has yet to do that and doesn't have any such address scheduled today. At the White House press briefing, press secretary Jen Psaki was asked why that's happened. Any joint session speech would would look different than in the past. We certainly intend on the president. Delivering a joint session a speech joint session, not a state of the union in the first year that they're in office. But we don't have a date for that, or timeline at this point in time, and we've been engaged closely with leaders in Congress about determining that Richard Nixon is the only for president since 1969 that did not give a joint session address to Congress during his first year in office. Eight Astros Pictures are out now Do the covert 19 protocols General Andrew James Click confirms that Brian Hombre you Luis Garcia Run El Blanco Christian Javi year, Pedro Baez in only Paredes, Francis, Marta's and Hector Velazquez or all absent from Camp. Do two protocols. Look, though, didn't say if any of them and actually tested positive. Astros take on the Marlins.

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