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With peter and the whole thing so then clerk kind of shuts it down and then obviously she moves on and mary's richard and the kind of all that is left in the past when we encounter sally later in the book. Who's gonna going gonna come to the party She's married says at least once maybe two or three times. That has five boys. Like i don't think she says five big boys but the intonation is like i've got five big boys. You're just thinking about that. Because i upload that video henry saying that he was a big boy allure. It's it's both that and it's the ways in which wolf is is having clarisa see. Oh this woman who i thought was who at the time felt very transgressive and stereotype. Breaking etc has has been domestic sized in the way that this whole time. I've been carrying her as like outside of that. So while that kisses is very important. And i think is part of if clarisa looked back on her at all the things that she like diversion points where she could have not become mrs dalloway. That's like one of them But she sees sally and tallies also a version of that here as well. There's the this is the. There's one scene with this woman named doris gilman To name i for somebody who kills men. I think it's supposed to be an angles in anglo. Could sized does good. You nailed it and anglicized anglican vic side is an anglicized version of a german name like keel mon- or something still sounds incredibly intense. Who came i don't i. I don't remember if it's explicit in the book when she came to europe or when her family came to came to england. Excuse me But there's some illusions to like anti german sentiment during what we're one in how the dow always gave her work as a teacher and stuff and she is lower class though than mrs dalloway and her daughter. Elizabeth has struck up. This really like powerful friendship with doris. Gilman and that is a hurts kill. I'm sorry why. That is a relationship that i definitely remember having an analog in the hours there's the like there's a there's an nyu professor or something. Who's this kind of like activists lesbian figure that throws a lot of things back in the mrs dalloway character in that novel as well like So here they have this kind of like. We are two different types of women. Gilman really doesn't like that delaware has never really wanted for anything. But they both share a love for elizabeth and hopes for elizabeth's future the conflict in as much as there's conflict because it's this novel that we see. Is that like before the party..

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