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Where i have a newsletter setup and that doesn't like unto. I have not updated that website. Since i set it up so it doesn't have a link to the campaign but when you sign up for the newsletter then next thing you get a couple of days later we'll have a link to the campaign because everything that i sent out has linked to the campaign sure But yes that's and then starting in may or so once. I have given the first draft to my editor We're to be available for preorder on amazon and barnes and noble and stuff like that guy's a publishing a publishing through ingram spark which is essentially the ingram book distributors. Self publishing are okay For all of the preorders and that may disappear if somebody does by the book. Because again i've had a couple of people who were interested in it But in the time between when my first draft is done and when there's a final answer as to whether or not somebody else is gonna have it anything that we sell an ingram spark. Those orders will be fulfilled on aug honor by august sixteenth. Awesome home august sixteenth. We carved out as the release date for the book because it is the anniversary of the day the the movie came out on. Vhs and dvd very nice very the actual twentieth anniversary of josie and the pussycats is april ninth when it came to theaters and I am doing something..

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