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And register for the challenge by January thirty first and go up DDP's new book positively unstoppable today. Some of the things that you had to do in the DOJ. Oh. They would like said they would be naturally easier on us like wasn't as much pressure. But I tried to make sure that was no no, I want to do the same jobs as themselves. You know, you do the guys laundry after they will try and latest have loggia bosses checking in there and do that you make the food for the day, the Choco like big pot of soup and meat and stuff and and do that. And then there's always have to be one person. That's always going to be kinda on hand, and he's cool chunk. Oh, boy six he's the guy that looks up to the chunk. Yeah. So, you know, I look like the phone calls or whatever find comes through. Should that was a funny thing one day? There was a it was before it was going to Corcoran. So a lot of the rest of the train, and then they will get on the bus from this. So it was packed everyone. More people than usual there. Everyone's eating and the Japanese young boys had gone out somewhere to like, I think one of the go to the shop to get visuals. And one was on an showering or something and the phone goes like oh. I should know. No cod. Was this has funny point to it as well. As the fine guys. I'm like look at it look over in a car. Just looks at me. I'm kind of like when someone else going. I know how they want me to answer it. I don't know what the Magan understand what they're saying. And sending like gosh just keeps eating and just kind of like gives me that look like it. And so like in Japanese, I Bassi say, Hello, new Japan. Pro wrestling DOJ. Oh, this is Jamie. I don't understand Japanese and the whole room just erupted. You said that. Do you say I think I said hi Shinnyo-en brewers Stojko JD's neon. Go cutting and sit and they they went nuts. Just hope. This was like. I think ended up being tiger Moscow on the phone. So he loves as well. And then like someone came in came and spike or something. So did you ever have to start learning Japanese any they don't really know what there's no one that really pushes it on YouTube much. They kinda advise it, but I tried to. And it's with guys that was really good in the DOJ with showing yots because they would teach me Bisa Japanese, you know, the pick up the English as well they use. You'd obviously you you learn the the bad words say. Was I and yet I exactly why I came the referee said when you when you want some of these say, what's the what's good night in Japanese. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I yeah. You say marisha issued his house. No, come on come out. Kamala Mauricio, h does and you have to sit very shaky like that. That's what you say to people like when you're saying goodnight to them. So I would go on sale. Come or she does and everyone start laughing Marie? She is a famous singer like like, a lounge singer, right? Like a Frank Sinatra or something? So I'd be going up people saying good night. I'm Frank Sinatra and like looking at them, they'd be laughing. So that was their little joke. Right..

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