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The Avenue right I like to come out and so governor Evers hopefully will return lease property back to him as it does not belong to anybody but Lee it seems to me like we were at an absolute stalemate I mean do you see it on any resolution here I needed a resolution yeah about you know good people we have a lot of really good people on our government at this not all corrupt but the good people that are happening to stand up and be counted and so that they will you know step forward in the college to leaders and and make sure that this was made right we things can come around very quickly in it that if that could be done all right what is the status and again if you could get closer to that phone because it's breaking up what is the status of the documentary that you began for five years ago eagle one to want to which sort of lays out this whole story in in documentary form she the documentary is you now it's held up in twenty sixteen we have funding the person that was found in that that he had a mysterious accident just look twice and eventually took him out so we had no funding for the documentary but I kept it going in thank you for calling on my small company has been really working hard to keep the story moving forward we're expecting to get it out before the election it had it come out well before the election of all possible so that people can understand because this is the thread that ties everything together a lot of a lot of the issues that are going on can be connected tied in with this with everyone trying to get all of these fonts there are the Democrats which is involved all of it has to come out before the election and and again the the book want to blacks one white hat this is the five hundred plus page authorized biography of of really want to there's an electronic version they can get it Amazon and this has all of these court documents reproduced as well correct that's correct and and and and then if they want the paperback version this little March five in a thirty page paper back book very sick and had to do with it it has all the back of documents and including the audio from former governor don Sundquist when he was trying him in that and at South Dakota senator were trying to extort money out early in that that recording is on there as well you have a voice recording a telephone recording of the former governor and senator trying to extort money from ambassador want to on on tape that's correct you can read it right now on your one to walk and by the way that stand out eagle one to want it just like the war in the wards on chapter seventeen is on the homepage that's the last chapter in Lee's book that he asked me to write and include that kind of a summary of everything that has that recording in the story behind and you can read you know isn't there right now six minutes on added that you'll be shocked when you hear all right there is and then any congressman has stepped up the place to take care of this and get this resolved eagle one to want to dot com Lee wants her and lawn give me thank you so much for this update appreciate your time you're welcome thank you so much richer for the time you get all right my thank you and god bless you and your family thank you ambassador all right when we come back Richard Todd the author of the the time tunnel a series of novels will join us to talk about well what else time travel now here's a monster truck taking is in the break with sweet mountain river they want a Canadian Juno music award for this one back with more coast to coast AM after this WBT a radio dot com station let's face it most new year's resolutions are hard to keep get more exercise save more money well here's a resolution that's easy to keep don't.

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