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Word of mouth spreads and a handful turns to hundreds and hundreds turn to thousands what was the debate like in the community of louist and the people who were already there when refugees started to arrive the debate has has had an abc and the flow there have been how contentious moments in which the town as had to do some reckoning on both sides with itself in a recent bbc documentary lewis ins mayor boston native bob mcdonald sounded less than welcoming new you come you accept our culture leave your culture door there have been some incidents there has been you know some moments of of you know a mayor writing a letter saying stopped coming um you know were tapped enough and then you know ways to find a path forward and that's really where the story of of my book comes in because the story of one goal is the story of one of those paths oh god talk a little bit more about a lewis than soccer team and how they were playing what they were doing as their towns started to change yes soccer was something that coach would say athletes used to get ready for their real sports that this is a championship hockey town that this was a way to stay in shape in the fall and as somalis brought a passion for soccer to lewis stem it wasn't that it became a soccer tan instead of a hockey town it became a hockey town and a soccer town they began to fill the parks you began to see in a refugee youth leagues and they found their way onto the high school team sir talk about coach mike mcgraw because he's a central character he he is essential character my favorite thing that the players say about mike mcgraw is that coach doesn't care where were from as long as we passed the ball and i think that that speaks volumes right to how he approached this uh he calls it the advantage of the ball that the rules of soccer the way that you build the play the way that you.

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