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More to come here, folks and blaming California fires on climate change. Latest with Corona virus So much more left takeover of sports Are you watching NFL tonight? I just can't. I can't handle them. Politization of it. I think they're killing sports. They're trying to kill country music to their kill in sports. The Marxists are we have a lot more to come. You don't miss it as we get moving on our friends over at Caltech. Make some really great products. I love I like what they do. They love what they do. I think they're very innovative. Theyjust think very much outside of the box. They're all quality probably made right here in the US of a great family culture that celebrates use a manufacturing as well as your second Amendment, and they have AH, lot of new stuff that they came out with this year. And I know everybody's been asking about the peace 17 and I think they're going to be able to have some more. They've been like working like crazy. They've got there. You know, there there Gun elves. I think I've actually heard elves. I don't know. But the P 17 very affordable for a lot of new gun owners out there. One of the most important things that you're going to do is train train, train, train, train train train and make sure that you have great target acquisition that you understand, you know, Ru right hand dominant, left hand dominant. Get a grip, right? You can actually really easily do this with P 17. This is a great I call it my training gun because I have been bringing up my youngest son when I introduced him to handguns. The P 17 is part of that because we were trying to. He's right handed and left handed like me, so it's a little bit weird to try to figure that out. And low cost 22 L R 16 plus one ammo capacity. It's ships with 3 16 round magazines so you can rack up a lot of target time for pennies of pop's awesome fiber optic front sight adjustable rear minimum request. So there's like, no recoil. This thing looks aggressive, but it's super lightweight gives you a lot of bang for the buck. The Celtic piece 17 check.

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