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Well, I mean, look, I think that Attorney General Bar one the day clearly and he was remarkably tolerant of the rudeness was coming towards him. Apparently. A lot of the Democratic questions must have gotten together and said, Let's just say reclaim my time. Every probably want to interrupt and shut them down. So they had no interest in getting actual answers. And occasionally, the attorney general would shoot a little bit of a barb at them. For that point on it was actually a pretty good sense of humor that he did that so I was impressed. I mean, I don't know if that's anything to do with being a lawyer just watching a witness. Undergo extremely hostile questioning. I don't know how he kept his patients as long as he did. I thought he had a couple of high moment in the one that really strikes me is that you have a whole bunch of people all the way after the chairman of that committee, Jerry Nadler. That basically refused to condemn any of the rioting and are happy to condemn law enforcement agents doing things like protecting a courthouse. When attorney General Bar said, Is it OK now to burn down a federal courthouse rhetorically? I thought that was a great moment that really kind of summarize the whole political atmosphere of the surface that he was having. I'd say my only criticism of them was and it's a very mild one was. Occasionally he'll rise to the bait of answering a question that's really outside the justice laid. So if somebody is asking him the question about Corona virus, I would like to see him to say, why are you asking me questions that are so far outside of my lane, But that's a pretty mild criticism. I think he was a pretty spectacular witness in terms of knowledge and temperament. Encrusted if we're law here in Washington, Jim, Thanks so much, All right. Thanks for having 7 27 Saturday Morning Update on W. M l We got the news coming up, and then we're back with Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer and Katie McFarland. Based on the recent stock market slide. Do you feel your money and investments are safe with a repeat of the market losses you experienced earlier in the year or in 2000 to 2008? Derail your family's retirement plans?.

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