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Com. Welcome back. Okay. The number one characteristic. I find with an older rescue dog would be some level of fear. So that's where you're just talking about this use itself in one or two ways the dog comes into the house. There is no leader. He starts to think that he's in the decision making process, and the people don't give them structure the dog starts to think that he's in charge of who comes into the house. He's in charge of the relationships within the pack, and he starts to become protective. And if the dog had a clear leader from the very beginning. This actually would never start to happen. And again, we usually see this about the third week. The other thing we see is the dog becomes submissive. He starts peeing when somebody bends over him. He hides in a corner and was starts to shake both of these behaviors. Again are reflections of the relationship and the dog thinking they are in the decision making position and that they're in charge. Of their territory. So couple of things I want to take a client of mine who was a perfect example of this. Her name was Sally Anne and Sally Ann is an amazing person. She probably has one of the biggest hearts, I know out of any person, adopt stocks. I think she has she actually adopts many dogs like as a whole pack. But the problem with sally-anne is is that she has that syndrome of my poor abused dogs. Oh, let's let them just sort of run the household because they've had a hard life. And what happens with Sally Ann is that these dogs that are inter house start to control the house, and we start to see that these dogs. Do a lot of jumping on people. They're hyperactive at the door when people come they all are barking. She has no control over them. And they literally run the house. They're very difficult for her to control. I said she is the nicest person with the biggest heart. She's trying to do the right thing. But unfortunately, what's happening is it. She is creating chaos in her environment with your dogs and. Instead of these dogs living in a very calm, and relaxed environment. These dogs tend to be on edge to every noise and every sound to every person that comes in the property..

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