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On air so if you're twenty one head over to clerk bridge too fast. Eddie's Bonnier in all aren't you just heard the commercial that's fast Eddie hanging with Brett Hull. That's a party I need to be invited to and joining us on the line. The one and only fast Eddie from Fast Eddie's bond air in Alton Alton where they're always serving up a lot of fun great food you gotTa tell us hanging with Brett Hull. You got an idea what that might be like. What was it actually like in person? I'd say imagine it and then multiple is because it's real. That's that's that's who it is an. It's that much fun when you're a guy who likes to have fun but unlike bread whole takes it into another level I teach people out and along with I party for a living and I teach people out at a party. That's it man. You know what I said about that. He's it's a mood changing experience. I've never been in there and looked around anybody in a bad mood and you might see him walking in with a frown but boy once they said and there's always groups of people they could be mad at their boss or their dog and all of a sudden going too fast. Eddie's nobody's having a bad time forget about your trouble no windows for a reason and the world when you walk in and it's it's a definitely a twelve hours when all twelve Oba and I know you love baseball and you're hanging with Mike Shannon. You're down at Cardinal Games. But I think I've sent this and I've seen you down there in recent years certainly with the cup run. It's been fun but you've gotTa gravitated towards hockey and there was a night. They were fighting back. I was at the TV job and we were taxed in and you send man. I like this team. Because the team's got some they've got a little bit of balls and they'll they'll push back. I look at where they take care of each other to. It's fun to watch man. They're really on it. It just to work at the very spirit in the team attitude. The guys are really good and it's fun for the city. You know I grew up here. You grew up here. Everybody's got like three cardinals shirts in their closet maybe more yep and now all of a sudden you go to the store you gotta fast. Eddie's everybody's wearing blues gear. It's amazing man. I tell you your places where you would have always been Kendall one. Let's you know. Now it's it's tend to three anything counter. Whatever the whatever the ratio is popping up? And it's coming up for getting into more. New People are watching it. It's cool you know. It took some winning to do it. But that's what gets to learn. Everybody loves a winner. Here's what people ask me. I always they say. What are you gonNA eat when you go to fast fast? Eddie's I'm like I'm GonNa probably work my weight in the menu if I hang for a couple of hours but they go. What about eighty? If you're there all the time what do you do you have. Do you have a Goto Goto. I order the route rottweilers and then I ordered the figure and fries gotTa have our fries but you have the the bratwurst and the big original to the place. You can't get anywhere else and you can't go wrong from the doors open at one o'clock Monday through Thursday. Eleven o'clock on Friday Saturday Sunday. They've got live music on every single deb and there on the weekends where there's live music and back there's live music on the patio. Party never stops at fast. Eddie's we'll talk to you soon man. Hey Man thanks a lot triad bank. The Neighborhood Hood Friendly Bank located in front on Clayton road. They're just west of Lindbergh real easy access off highway. Sixty four get the Lindberg and you are their founded founded in two thousand and five wide range of commercial and personal banking services. And how about this actually a people behind the counter. People there ready to greet you ready to help you. Business Business Owners looking to expand talk bank based in Saint Louis. Decisions are being made. The're a frustrating. That trying to get a loan for Your Business and the decision is has made in New York Los Angeles not with Dryden. You can find out more at try. It banking dot com home equity lines of credit five star rated bank three hundred sixty million in assets check them out try banking dot com less than an hour from Saint Louis. It's Greenville University founded in eighteen ninety. Two this Liberal Arts Institution Offers Pre Med offers online student involvement. Yeah that's right. They'll get involved and local businesses immersed in the community a great little town of Greeneville Bill Illinois less than an hour from Saint Louis. If you're looking to get away for college but they don't want to go too far. It's right up the road from Saint Louis. Great professors really a great experience kids involved in the athletics but again everybody is really emerged. What they're doing on the campus at all times Greenville Dot? Edu for more information Asian about this great institution.

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