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Basically the way schools do is they kick them out of a school for either. Failing out or some arrests drugs. Something happens. They kicked out. So do coz like basically year of probation, right? You have a euro probation until you're allowed back into the big schools where you can go wherever you want to go. And it's incredible just to see because a lot of those Juku guys that go to Juku they get caught arrested who had all the talent in the world. They go to Jacobo and then they fuck it up even more because they're around a bunch of other guys. And I, it sounds as if we had a quarterback that I want to WVU with, he was the same class as me and he ended up at Juku. He could throw the ball eighty five yards. Ninety yards maybe dating five night. He had a host from a knee from the fifty through the uprights without warming up just an absolute cannon, but he couldn't do right. Like everything he did was wrong like class. He would just say the wrong thing at the wrong time wouldn't show up or if there was something going on in high street downtown, he would always end up in the middle. Oil of something terrible. Like always end up in any left richer on like no hope like no chance, right. He added to kick them out of the school. He goes to juke co, and it's one of those situations where you're like, man, I hope he can figure it out and he just wanted to complete opposite way. And now he's a street somewhere, slinging cocaine bags. Eighty five ninety yards probably. One of those things where I was like friends with them like men. If you could, please just fucking get your shit together some, but it's hard when you grow up with no rules. There's no rules just street. It's very difficult. That's that's the beautiful dynamic in watching it. And they have a very good understanding of the world to like Isaiah right kid literally goes on, Cayman has interview and says, if I don't have football, I'm gonna end up in jail just because of my environment. I can't help, but it'd be in the wrong car, the wrong place at the wrong time. And it's exactly what happened to him when he just and he just got charged with murder. His brother got off and he got charged with murder. Yeah, see, it's, it's, I don't wanna say there's excuses for these kids or guys somewhere, but from personal experience with guys that I've met that this has happened, there is no other option. No, it isn't excuse. There is no other option in people say like, well, we can't pay these kids, blah, blah, blah was like, well, maybe put a fund away for like when they're done with. School like, hey, here's at least some money, so you can buy a house outside of the neighborhood. So you're not completely surrounded with just there has to be something because the NC double a. grandstands about how they take care of everybody. But if you really wanted to take care of the people who are making the most money for you, which is football and basketball players, why don't you set up some sort of fun to take care of them post school if they don't make it pro, if they don't, and it's just that's one of those things that really pisses me off to be honest. That's why I'm a very big advocate because I've seen a lot of my friends. I have a friend that from college at his in jail for an attempted murder case, I have a friend who's in jail for drug dealing case. I have a friend who wants a boot camp for two years and got kicked out of boot camp and sent state federal prison. For I think, eight years, he just got out of jail. I got a lot of college teammates of mine that just got out of jail or in jail currently, and there's like they, I don't want to say they have no other option, but there's literally no other option. There's no other option for it's sad. It's a fucking centers definitely enough. You gotta be enough money in college sports that if you complete for years at a school and you don't go pro, there is money there to say, I for four years, we couldn't pay you. But for the next four years, you get an eighty thousand dollar year stifling or whatever. And we're going to afford you a further education where we provide you business training and things like this and how did succeed with..

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