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Today is Monday February third twenty twenty on this day in two thousand eight and interview interview with Alipio Ribeiro. Then head of Portuguese police was published. He admitted that law enforcement had been too hasty to name. Gerry and Kate McCann as suspects in their daughter. Madeleine's disappearance not that that did anything to stem the tide of hate directed at them. Welcome to today and true crime. Apar- cast original no today. We're covering the investigation into the disappearance of three year. Old Madeleine McCann. Her parents. Gerry and Kate. McCann faced based intense scrutiny. After her disappearance and for a period of time were considered suspects eventually they were cleared by Alenia Ribeiro Arrow the chief of police in order to understand the meaning behind Ribeiro's comments on February third. Two Thousand Eight. We have to go back to to the day. Madeleine McCann disappeared. Gerry and Kate. McCann were vacationing in in prior deluged Portugal with their three young children and a group of friends. The mccanns left three year old Madeleine and her. Infant twins wind siblings Shaan and Ali sleeping in their vacation apartment then. They went to eat with friends at a Tapas restaurant. One hundred eighty feet away from their sweet while. This was a parenting decision. That many would later. Criticise Gerry and kate felt safe leaving their children. The resort was fairly enclosed and again the restaurant was only feet away in fact this proximity allowed the group of adults to check on the kids regularly early throughout the meal. They each took turns walking back to the apartment to peek in. But when it was Kate McCann's turn to make the check sometime time between nine and ten. PM She found to her horror. That madeleine was missing from her bed and the window. In the bedroom was wide wide. Open the twins. Meanwhile were still sound asleep as police arrived and interviewed witnesses. One of the women in the group Jane Jane. Tanner recalled seeing a man walking away with a sleeping child in his arms earlier that night but police were unable to find him or Madeleine. Days turned into weeks turned into months. Several suspects were investigated but then ultimately elite cleared. The parents were desperate for answers. The Portuguese police were equally desperate. They needed to put an end to this high profile profile case they needed to show the world that prior to lose a resort town that relied on tourism was still a safe place for families to visit visit. Looking for any kind of fresh leads. Police allowed British sniffer dogs to search the vacation apartment and various items belonging to the mccanns. The animals were able to pinpoint several instances of DNA including one instance of blood across cost the apartment and in the mccanns rental car based primarily on these findings but without other corroborating evidence police concluded that it must have been madeleine's blood found in the apartment and rental car therefore she must have been killed in the apartment and and then transported somewhere else in the rental car. Gerry and Kate McCann were officially named as suspects in their daughter's I disappear. INSZ police chief Gonzalo Amaral championed this theory spreading it to the press. He he called the mccanns in for individual twelve hour interrogation. Kate exercised her right to silence. She didn't answer forty. Eight eight of the police's questions as she left the police station. A crowd outside jeered at her already convinced of her guilt. The press published increasingly defamatory articles about the couple claims were made that the mccanns had drugged madeleine to make her sleep through the night but had accidentally dosed her with the help of their friends. They disposed of her body and concocted the entire kidnapping story other theories. Were even darker. Claims of Pedophilia were leveled. Some even suggested that Jerry was not. Madeleine's real dad. Add on September ninth two thousand seven four months after Madeleine went missing. The mccanns took the twins and flew back Timberland. dings were becoming unsafe in Portugal. Once the family returned home the British and Portuguese press swarmed the McKEN household daily the family received piles of mail some of it extremely vitriolic and hateful accusing them of killing their daughter and lying about it. Social media still in its early days became a breeding ground for anonymous trolls. To say whatever they wanted about the McCann's many wished death on them giving into conspiracy theories that they were a part of some sort of child abuse. Ring all the Portuguese Guillermo and British press did was escalate the rampant theories trying to crack the case trying to find an answer to this persistent horrifying wind mystery and yet no brakes would come back in Portugal. The police investigation had all but stalled. It became increasingly clear that the conclusions from the blood reports were erroneous the recovered DNA samples. Were inconclusive. There was only one instance of blood and it could have theoretically belonged to any of the family members or even a different individual who happened to share similar markers markers with the mccanns and even then the presence of trace DNA did not in and of itself directly point to murder it became clear that the police and the public at large in both countries had been succumbing to confirmation bias using flimsy evidence to support their own beliefs on October. Second two thousand seven police. Chief Gonzalo Morales was removed from the investigation Chen and new officials were brought in. This would hardly undo the damage that his widely circulated accusations had caused. The Mackenzie sounds continued to receive. Hate Mail they continued to be portrayed negatively by the tabloids on top of the loss of their daughter they were now some some of the most despised people in England but for Kate and Gerry the worst part of it. All was that when people were focused on blaming naming them that meant. They weren't focused on finding Madeleine but as two thousand seven turned into two thousand eight. That's slowly began to change. Though their image in the public eye would forever be damaged. The mccanns achieved a small victory. There were multiple new police officials overseeing the investigation and Portugal. This included a Lebeau Ribeiro head of all Portuguese police police on Saturday February. Second two thousand eight. He sat down for an interview with Publico. A national news outlet speaking speaking to the entire country and indeed the world he all but apologized to the mccanns for the faulty police work of the previous investigators. He admitted they had been hasty and suggested that he would direct his men to now pursue other leads. This news was published on February third for the mccanns. It meant that they were no longer under significant criminal investigation but more importantly it meant that the hunt for Madeleine could finally get back on track next will analyze the way the mccanns were treated and see where the investigation stands today. Now back to the story on February third two thousand eight. The Portuguese Police East announced that they had been hasty delay. Blame on Kate and Gerry McCann in their daughter. Madeleine's missing persons case. The hope was that the investigation Gatien with new focus might yield new suspects but unfortunately by July of that same year the authorities were ready to to call it quits. There was simply no new evidence. But after months of tabloid accusations many members of the public in Portugal inland and the rest of the world had already decided that Gerry and Kate McCann were guilty and certainly they were guilty of a very poor parenting decision. Many blanched at the thought of leaving two year olds and a three year old alone own anywhere much less than a foreign hotel room with the window unlocked. But it's easy to cast aspersions. In hindsight one could also argue that the distance between the restaurant and the apartment was not actually that much greater than the distance between the master bedroom and the nursery in some large homes and yet the public continues to assert that the mccanns must've had something to do with the disappearance but in order to believe that we you have to also accept a mountain of inconclusive. DNA evidence. We have to believe that. Jerry and Kate upon accidentally overdosing their daughter her suddenly became criminal masterminds convincing their entire Party of friends to help them dispose of a body and concoct a lie that that would alter each of their lives forever. Is the nightmare that the mccanns of lived through for more than a decade really better than any criminal charges they might have faced from an accidental overdose. We tend to believe the simpler explanation. It seems most likely that Madeleine was abducted by some criminal element that at best sought to sell her to an adopting couple and at worst sold her into sexual slavery or abused her themselves. We already mentioned. How one of the vacationers Jane? Tanner saw a man carrying a girl outside outside the apartment that night. Kate McKEN further points to the history of rampant. Pedophilia in Portugal as evidence that someone would wanna take Madeleine Adeline for such sinister purposes the infamous 'cause appears scandal beginning in one thousand nine hundred eighty one led to the revelation that several wealthy members of Portuguese society had been using an orphanage to procure child sex slaves and even while this was still being investigated the Portuguese legislature passed a bizarre law that reduced sentences for sex offenders who had repeat offenses against a single victim..

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