Bahrain, Taliban, NPR discussed on Morning Edition


Say they are withholding judgement on state attorney general Mark herring and his black face moment as well as Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax who has been accused of sexual assaults to other black advocacy groups have issued statements renewing their calls for the governor to resign for NPR news. I'm Craig Cooper in Richmond. This is NPR news from Washington. In afghanistan. The Taliban say they've put together a negotiating team to work with the US peace on Voy at talks scheduled for later this month. The militant group says it'll consist of fourteen members including five former prison inmates held at Guantanamo Bay. The Taliban had been refusing to meet with officials from the Afghan government in Kabul. Authorities in India say a hotel fire in New Delhi has killed at least seventeen people. Several others were injured a soccer player from Bahrain. Who's been held in Thailand? For three months is back in Australia. The BBC's how Griffith says the twenty five year old had been facing criminal charges in his home country supporters crowded, the ample rivals area to welcome Hakim, Al Arabi, home said he felt relieved and grateful to all ustralian twenty five year old went to Thailand on his honeymoon. But was detained there in ten weeks. Little question Bahrain his home country where he faces a ten year jail sentence. After being accused of taking part in the Arab spring uprising but pressure from Australia on the global football community finally led to Bahrain dropping its extradition requests and hockey being freed.

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