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It's party time on. Welcome to another episode of the chat practice here in the mother ship which is studio. Twenty two we're going to dig into your brains today and it's gonna be fun with the puppetmaster. Market candy the queen of the ethiopians get married. you're going to have a little tate. Tots love it. I wish i could take credit for that. But that's a natalie. That is a hot news natalie sitting over there at the pub then. Steve made it even longer. What did you say. Caterina's totta rita's take. Oh gosh i love. God bless them. I mean there's not multi just two. Yeah we still don't know what candace is but that's okay. She's a lovely human being and that's all right with me. It's all right with me. She just glows pay hosted. Lisa page made me do it. How are you i. i'm feeling fantastic. Since i have my new hut here we keep it cold in here. It's so called but not me killed in here. Don't put that hood on a was shot in the leg. What officer you get back in the car. That was now obser- petrovic we don't mean that at all not at all no. So that's what happened with. You're coming to work. Were coming to the studio the other day yesterday and you were doing what twenty-five over had to go to the bathroom for the ticket. Jail steve twenty nine over a a class on thirty. Five cervitti bernstein. I had to go to the bathroom. Fits year meeting get sold. Whatever amid. you're not supposed to admit to anything i did. As he came out on television loading this hoodie. When i gave those pecker pills to aubrey huff on our show and steve jobs will charge just committed a felony television. We show him the roman stuff. I was showing him what it looks like. It's just making jokes. And i didn't even think off. Oh well a felony for chad. Prater what we were looking for something to get him on. And oh my gosh You sold your house yet natalie. Yes yeah you better get it done before joe biden takes right you don girl girl games and you'd better hide it either. How fast yeah we to it on friday. Yeah she got natalie. It's white privilege you solar house because of white privilege a buddy ron white here in the hot seat with us today. We're gonna have some fun and a lot of fun. Thanks for being here We show it. You know told her about yesterday. You sent me the video you have hung out and It's always fun being around you because your memory. So dadgum great. I mean just incredible and you sent me the video that had the first one hundred episode. Titles of the chad prager show that was on the blaze and I was like dadgum. We're watching it and the president of the network sitting there watching it with us and he goes. I know that guy. He's on brain games. And i was like exactly. Yeah that's pretty in tune for him. You know the he remembered you doing that so akali we're gonna have fun today. Yeah no it is but you know it's it's system. I appreciate all the accolades from memory. But it's work it's a system can do is work. It is that's the impressive part of it. Yeah is the is the work that goes into. We're going to get into that deal before we do. Have you noticed. Your hair isn't looking as full as it used to. I know losing. Your hair sucks. So i want to give you some options. You can go to the doctor and talk about hair loss treatment and get a prescription from him or her. Then you can visit the pharmacy and try not to go broke just to avoid going ball or you. Contract keeps from the comfort of your own home. You're gonna get the same doctor recommended. Fda approved hair loss treatment but keeps offers the generic versions at about half the cost. And one more thing you'll love about keeps it's all online you just answer a few. You snap a couple of pictures of your hair. A license doctors gonna review your info recommend the right hair loss treatment for you. And then it's going to be shipped directly and discreetly to your door. So why make unnecessary trips to the doctor in the drugstore when you can just do it all online at home. I'm gonna get you started with a special deal go to k. e. e. p. s. dot com keeps dot com slash loss for fifty percent off your first order of keeps hair loss treatments that keeps dot com slash loss. Go.

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