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Healthy life. Lavash back with doctor came Crone house. I'm Doug Stephan. Going through all of the things mostly covert related information. That's new this week. That helps us to put a hope of positive spin on whatever you're doing to take care of yourself. Here's something that's prettier Singer a couple of items that are connected to your lungs. This is lung problems. I mean, this stuff goes into your lungs. That's where it goes first, right and just sort of because the way the Chinese engineered it, it is engineered to stick. Your lungs to the surface of the lungs, is it not? Well, it Most of it comes in through your nose, so that's why if you're wearing a mask, make sure you cover your nose doing no good, but he can come in through the mouth and sometimes even through the eyes, But most of it's 70% of it comes through the nose. What we learned this week from the Journal American Medical Association Network opens is that more than half of adults hospitalized with covert 19 Doug have diminished lung function four months after they've recovered and returned home. Similar percentage of these patients also had mobility problems, including difficulty walking and just over 17% had symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder four months after hospital discharge. So the concern here is that there really are long term effects of covert 19. And when we have some time I can expand on this because there are a number of them. Well, I think that we ought to talk about that. And the the fact that if you're a smoker now, other than being stupid because you're smoking, that's maybe a little harsh, but it's true. And if you're a former smoker, and you've had co vid What's the ruling on that in terms of how it affects you?.

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