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Watching SPACEX to keep an eye on Abba right now. The weather looks absolutely godawful for this four o'clock launch earlier, a sea lane headed up for the folks watching the facebook feed. You couldn't even tell what you were looking at. Pitch blackout there out of nowhere all of a sudden it's it's pretty bad and I said is there. Is there a level where they take that back inside? Like a gets windy out there or the storm gets too bad. Would they retrieve the SPACEX ship and bring it back in I? Don't think so I. Imagine maybe just reinforce it. It's a big boy, or can you imagine a journey to just get it up? Oh, yeah, but. But look at this you see here like this I. Don't know Gangway. Know what you want to call it, but the jetway that brings you out way up in the air for the astronauts to walk into the space x capsule that they're going to be in when they get launched to the International Space Station I imagine maybe not for them because they're tough, bad asses. That would be the scariest walk of Your Life. You're just. Walking now to this thing, and hopefully it works hopefully I. Get up into space here. I would hope that they have the same exact posters that you see when you're just getting on a regular seven forty seven Oh. Thanks so much for flying with us. Very connect to our WIFI. Motivational posters like hanging their cat. Got This buddy kind of thing that would actually be like I, know kind of endearing to find out later on. The NASA DID LITTLE jokey Sta. And they all go down and they put their hand on the hanging their cat poster. Look down there. But there's something else that we are very lucky for not that. Hopefully everything goes great today space X in order to keep an eye on it throughout the show, but we are lucky and here's why normally we hear about some crazy, weird or interesting menu item that a fast food establishment.

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