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As weddings and get togethers of all kinds if you're planning a wedding the best western can help with room blocks for your guests comfortable accommodations and endorse swimming pool exercise room ed game rooms the timbers restaurant offers fabulous food for breakfast lunch and dinner if you like the nightlife only the best can be found on site at robbers pub as well as great drinks and a cosy atmosphere to make reservations at the best western hotel and conference centre call them at two one nine three six two four five eight five at two one nine three six two four five eight five the best western plus hotel and conference centre four four four pilic avenue ports every are abbottmarks i mean he is the event direct your four lead you emergent i show coming up in just a few weeks in orlando pd a merchandise show major golf business indeed you've been down to the orange county convention center i've been going to the show for many many years and when i started go on the show i think the convention center was maybe a quarter of the circus that it is now fits they keeps groping and growing and growing and crosses the street in all kinds of things now so it's pretty big it's pretty big keep i would i would imagine aimed their big how how big it is but but i was also thinking the have of part of it as we all want you begging we've had control growth this we want people to peel new efficiently work into walk the show and you also get to believe it or not we have the complaint that there's too much to do and see that people can actually all that you can accomplish in the three day selling the one day demo day so we wanted to be an efficient experienced prevalent as well uh so we really focus on air navigation on the floor plan to make it really easy to walk around we need added to show app is you've probably notice the past.

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