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The main thrust is making sure governments are fully behind the work they do chad just ask them to extend the management of the crewmen and take on another palm while child is in top of most people's the far list i end tourists all now paying thousands to glemp it's the have still only covers a third of the costs the more dangerous places even more expensive with prince harry is president the hoping this support will continue on the parks and the elephants will be protected the bbc's alastair leave had reporting from zach houma national park in chad up next on the show benazir bhutto's legacy ten years after her death this is the world i'm mark a woman with the world ten years ago today benazir bhutto was assassinated she was shot and killed at a rally in the pakistani city of rawalpindi she had been campaigning to become pakistan's prime minister for a third time benazir bhutto and her phally dominated the country's politics for decades she was the daughter of a former pakistani leader who was executed in the late 1970s by the general who then ran pakistan in the late nineteen 80s she succeeded that same general to become the first woman to rule the country another decade later her two terms in office ended under a cloud of corruption allegations against her and her husband until the end of benazir bhutto rejected these accusations as politically motivated and for many pakistani women and girls to this day bhutto's long political career is proof that gender barriers can be overcome and pakistan's conservative society that's how my next guest looks at it puk sunny journal.

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