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Know You I'm sure you get like you said question a lot and And I always say well. It depends on how hundred percent we are on the avoidance piece. If people really take hold of the fact, that mold and we've got to take charge of this, which is really hard to do when you're fatigue, brain fog, they start to feel better in its little as three months. It can be as little as three months that. That you see some light at the end of the tunnel. Even just getting your brain clear, but it usually doesn't happen sooner than that. Unfortunately, because again we accumulate these toxins, so it's an everywhere every fatty tissue in our body. We have accumulated these things so by doing the fundamentals, which is that second step? We start to help the body to handle. The tissues that those micro-toxins are lodged in they start to melt those toxins out of the tissues, and so that's five to seven servings of vegetables. But the majority of them, being non starchy, every color of the rainbow, because every color band has a different affinity in the body, so if you're not really good about eating certain color band, take it as a supplement, so we know that if you look at of course in capsule, it's like bright yellow while okay. If you're not really good at getting onions, the onions make you sick. 'cause you devout sulfate issues because of your multi society than take that one as a supplement so the. The fundamentals are really important for helping to neutralize the toxin and the other part of fundamentals for me is good fats. You understand that micro-toxins are fat soluble toxin. We have to dilute the doctor. Carney annoy said the solution to pollution is dilution, so we have to dilute that with fat, not which is more water, but with good fats, because then we're deluding out the fatty tissues of our body, and getting those toxins mobilized, and the thing that we use a lot for that as Bil-. And I think you know we talked about..

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