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Kelly clarkson yeah and thank you chris sent that to me and and then the more money you have to keep your your also also same thing i say with the gay guys never hating on me i'd like i'd like them to try just say no you know what i mean just have the phone rang and i'll tell you know think you yeah but i like the phone the gay guy to hit on me to go i'm flattered but no no again you're the victim of this tragedy thank you and let me tell you about gyco yeah i don't like to make it about me but it is geiko you've got your to do list pick up some milk bringing the cat takeout that dog how much you save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance you don't have to go anywhere just go to geico dot com fifteen minutes could be saving fifteen percent or more on auto insurance at geiko dot com that extra money in your pocket it'll be most rewarding thing do all day it is guy co all right cleveland agora theatre may seventeenth that'd be one man show did we any counts yet all right trying to find that royal oak theater that'll be mateen that's detroit there portland burbank we doing some jimmy yes seattle coming up you go to an kroll dot com find out about corolla drink events coming up find out about the pot about the documentaries and the crews and all the good stuff bottle signing coming up total wine and more being pasadena mate toll made twelve twelve at noon that's why my brain didn't work todd garner everybody the podcast producers guide every thursday podcast one apple podcasts and here all the big names over there and aj benza as well until next down crow todd jane jeanann bald sand my hollow.

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