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I am sitting here today in Midland Texas with my friend Jimmy Butler the VP of Permian for Baker Hughes. Thanks so much for being with US Jamie. I Chris Great to be here. I'm so excited to talk all the fun and exciting changes at Baker and everything that's going on and you just recently had an an exciting trip Italy but before we get into our interview. I WanNa thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends and colleagues. We truly have listeners. All over the world even in low France so thank you so much for listening. I really appreciate each and every one of you. I also would like to ask everyone to help our show out by taking a few minutes and leaving a review on itunes. I cannot thank you enough for doing this. We just recently had this fantastic review. They said Christopher's interview style brings out the best in her guests. Listeners brought into a conversation in which guests are allowed to be open about issues important to them professionally and personally krista interviews highlight the dichotomy between the hard scrabble oil business and the generous civically engaged attitude of the people who live in the Permian Basin. Wow thank you so much for those kind words. They didn't leave their names. O You know who you are. Whoever you are thank you so much I really appreciate you. Jamie thanks again for joining us. And congratulations on being nominated one of heart energies twenty-five influential women in energy for twenty twenty. How exciting was that when you found out. Oh just unbelievable. Almost had to pinch myself just wonderful nomination in recognition and even the class of women the other twenty four women in this twenty twenty s class so amazing talented and then even if you look at its third year so this is three years in the making. This has been going on and I looked at last year's twenty five in the year before that and it's just exciting to be in such a class in caliber of these amazing women of really truly. What an honor in that group and well-deserved. I have to say as well. I know that we visited before. But we WANNA get kind of. Everyone caught up with. Maybe they haven't listened to any of our previous podcast but tells a little bit about how you got an oil and gas and how you got here to the Permian all right so it's nineteen years. Though unbelievable. Last time we talked was eighteen years right so I've been in the Permian for about a year and a half now. Anna been with Baker used for nineteen years and nineteen years ago honestly. I just needed a job. So if you hear some of my podcast and speeches for her engagements that's really my story. I just needed a job right and I actually had not graduated from college yet and I was looking and Baker. Us hired me. I mean that is what you know going back in that time. Yeah you looked in the newspaper. It'll be. How did you find out that Baker Hughes was was hiring? Yeah I ran into. Actually my brother was coaching baseball. He was coaching tournament. Baseball and I ran into a leader Baker us and he asked me what I did and I said I was going to college and I was running a book warehouse Solo by myself while going to school and he said well have you thought about doing something different for your work and Baker. Use can help you finish out your degree so out. Yeah absolutely so actually interviewed for the first job. I didn't get it. And then that manager pass my resume onto another manager and said I think she'd be better fit for a role you have. I interviewed for that position. And yeah the rest is history so it was actually an administrative role so I started out at. I guess the bottom grade levels what we call them at Baker US and finished my degree and then I went into finance and then I went into marketing and then I went technology and then I went into supply chain and I finished my masters in supply chain management at Penn state going back and fourteen oversee park over a course of two years and then I went into manufacturing then I went to do field operations and then commercials so it was used doesn't at all crazy nineteen years and so a year and a half ago. I was in what we call our global accounts organization handling three of our largest accounts for Baker US across all product lines and an opportunity came to move to Midland Texas and leader Permian businesses. And I said yes absolutely why not. I mean this is the epicenter of oil and Gas. Right and I love your story. Because I've learned so many things just from hearing you just recap it even that first of all. If I don't succeed try try again right. Didn't get that I. I love for young women to hear that. Because sometimes you get that no one you think okay then this decision for me but you persevered and you were persistent and you kept going and then all these yeses then eventually led you to this. Vp position which is just incredible. Yeah it's amazing definitely when the bus pulls up you know. Don't turn it down so definitely get on the bus but at the same time if the bus doors shut you know. Think about what's that next bus that could pull up in. How can I overcome those challenges? And what can I learn and make myself better so I just think it's limitless possibilities and you just have to look at everything happens for a reason and you know when you fail or you make a mistake? How can you learn from it? And how can you move forward and turn that into an opportunity? Love that new definitely done that and then some let's talk a little bit about this one hundred th anniversary of the Permian which is a huge milestone an incredible to think of can you share what Baker is focusing on in the permian. Now yeah absolutely so we know that the Permian one hundred anniversary is a huge milestone for us. It's really exciting. To look back at the well that put us on the map in Nineteen twenty-three which was Santa Rita It produced for over seven decades. Which to me is like wow. That's amazing that a welcome produced that long but like the Permian Baker US also has over one hundred years of experience so I feel like that's what we bring to the table our legacy and our drive for innovation to the energy industry. You know obviously we bring all of that in a safe manner right. We protect our people the people island location in the environment. But at the same time I feel like a we can bring that expertise and knowledge to the well. Construction side in the production support side to support our customers to draw. Incomplete wells more efficiently. They can flow that I drew car- much sooner and they can also produce it longer and then the.

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