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And like a level of expectation. So if going back to the point, if Willie has kind of found the key to managing that expectation in a diplomatic way that these high net worth individuals are happy to work with them and happy to fork out the big events of money, then fair play to Willy because that's an attraction as well. There's definitely owners that like working with particular types of trainers. They'll definitely be owners that will have horses in particular stables because of that. But none of them will be flippant about it. And you know, if they go to children and they don't win, they'd be devastated. Absolutely devastated. You know, so I don't want to be kind of speaking up for them because they are kind of out of reach to most of us. But at the same time, the ones that I've met anyway are racing Matt, like they're absolutely obsessed by it. And luckily in life, they're kind of performers, high performers and have excelled and are now investing in competitive sport. Well, everything you've said there just made me think of Graham Wally. Who obviously nowadays. Graham left racing because of the death of Nicholas canyon and he lost another horse as well. And I remember meeting him at the Dublin racing festival. Nicholas canyon had died at the libertarian Christmas meeting. And he was still shook, but he was still shocked by it. When you own a horse and there is the balls of owning a winner, right? Is incomparable to landing a touch. There are two different things and I've done both, right? And I've been lucky, lucky enough to the level that I would have been at or would be at in terms of ownership outside all about Sunday, would be you would be buying young horses with a view to selling them, right? So you know, and let's see if we take Don dog on a Wednesday or don't talk on a Friday night. And you have a two year old that wins a maiden there. Pre Christmas. You get anywhere from 80 grand up for that to go through America, you know, to go abroad. So it will have nothing to do with the prize money that you pick up. The thrill of being able to sell a two year old, which, you know, Sunday have been lucky. We sold one from a two year old winner to king power Sunday sovereign in 2019 for a big check. In fact, there's nothing beats that. That feels different completely different to win in London a 20 grand touch. They're in a different space. And this is why I'm always harping on at lads to get involved in ownership, be it syndicates are singular ownership and to look at it commercially and try to have that sense of fun out of it. But you can imagine losing a horse, you know, Graham Wiley did. And then losing a second horse. I give you slumped into the into the city at nighttime mad depressed. No, you know, he wouldn't have got the city in Ikea. That's fair enough. But, you know, like the man's heart was obviously bursted. You know, and he thought of a done deal, I think. So like, you know, like horses are an incredible thing to get involved in as well. Most of the time it's broken dreams. But then when it does come right, the feeling is just unreal. And you know, Barry would give bet that the odd plug, and you know, I do the same for all about Sunday dot com, get involved, and you can feel and enjoy a different type of experience. And that's what these guys have. And you know, I would have met Tim O driskell for a cup of coffee over the summer and I came as horses in a couple of different yards, but he would definitely get on well with Gordon and he would have a preference for his horses to be in Gordon's yard. And that suits Tim and that suits Gordon in terms of their style. And the types of horse that they look for. Put your heat just this man about it as the rest of us are. And you're kind of thinking guys and insurance mogul and is this and his dad and the others of butchers loves his racing, absolutely loves it. It is a different pose like I don't like I don't have horses I had shared in a couple of years ago but I always have greyhounds myself and I don't do myself on a train to myself and so you can relate to it open yeah there's no better cause. Yeah. And like if they hit the front down the back straight the floor to save for your mind is money it's just a completely different ball. You know that way. One way I continue. Absolutely. And what do I own and watch us cross a hair on his tail? But I've been thinking I've been thinking about children. I've been thinking about how that Carl cup is going to be run and dreaming about what it's going to be like being there on the day. Correct? And just playing Champions League football for one moment in your life. Do you know what I mean? And when you're into it for a small amount or you're on the whole thing, you're still playing Champions League. And that's the end. And that's the end of it. When loser draw on the day, you were involved at the highest level of sport. And that's the most enjoyable factor of it. And you know, and you look at the lam press situation and the owner there would be absolutely broken hearted. In his mind, every morning he was driving to work, he was replaying the 2023 gold cup over and over in his head, you know? And that's the, that's the fun of it, and that's the downside of it. But you're damn right, Emma. It would be a small share. Fact. But you're still playing Champions League. And it's your share? And you have to and you have that connection to the horse and you're talking to your friends about it and your family about it. I'm going to tell them. And I've got a, I've got a hair and a resource who's running in the car. There's not many people can say that. That's what the great thing about syndicates is that it is opening it up more. And it's giving people more access. And I know they talked on Sunday about and Sam Hoskins was highlighting it yesterday as well. The frustration with tickets and being able to get tickets for that is definitely something to be a Cheney to look at. But there is nothing like being involved in the ownership of a racehorse to give you a greater understanding and that greater emotional connection to it. And if you then, if I go back to Greenwich, the reason I was mentioning him was when he was involved in the racing game, he was a regular on the final for long. We spoke to him so many times and he gave us a very unique insight, including sharing with us that when you're an owner at the Willie Mullins yard. And they're off to the sales, whichever sale to this. It's first come first serve. If Willie is going out there to buy a race horse, they'll send out a message and say, here's who we've bought and whoever is the first one in with the offer to buy them. That's who gets it. And the reason that's so interesting is get a bird didn't fulfill his potential. But Graham could have had get a bird. Only that rich Richie looked at him and said, well, they both got the message at the same time. They were both sending beside one another and Graham said, I sure you go on. And he was kicking himself because he could have, at the time, he looked like he was going to win the supreme. But somehow, Willie is able to be a very fair. He's not being biased because it would have been so easy for Willie's just go this and rich you're the big owner here. Here you go. No, it was none of that. Everybody gets the opportunity to buy the racehorse and it's up to you to be the first one in. Well, it has to be like that because you wouldn't feel too good if you said, look, but rich turn them down. I'm only touring them down. Now you can have them. Just finishing up on that talk about high level sport and the boys you'd get. Imagine being all even Tony like, he gets to play in the Premier League and he gets to have a bet on himself. Didn't get any better than that. You know what

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