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Up with a true crime irish case. So you know things come at us from all sorts of places. It's not about where it starts. it's where it finishes. It's what we do with that so to me. These are all good things. These are not things that we should be defensive about and yet at the same time we know that beyond our little in clave of writers and i suppose other artists as well there is a whole world of people who do not think the way we think about these things and who were full of condemnation about the idea that i have quote unquote stolen my novel from a conversation that i had with you five years ago. So that's the sort of along the andren answer to your question when people ask me and they have you know. How do i feel about the About what jake does my answer. Is i feel fine about it. I have no problem with what he did. but like. jake. I have a big problem with how the rest of the world is going to see it. It's that condemnation that he fears so much. And if i had done what he does in this book i would fear to. I would fear the condemnation of readers of people who kind of chatter about books. I don't really wanna be quote unquote cancelled. Because i wrote a novel for five years based on a conversation that you had you know in a bar one day. Finish it off. Can i get you to read is about ecorse sure. I'm going to read an extra from the kind of moment when jake science to do what he does. He has just discovered that his former student is now his late for her students and that there is no based on the incredible plot that he was told about some years earlier in their conference room in vermont so he is at the accident napier of his own literary career and suddenly has come to him so this is happy response every now and then some magical..

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