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Get together here on CBS sports radio. Jerry, Mack hanging out with you. Can I thank dick Romeo? Not happen on the show with us today. He's a great guy. Great coach just a good person who I had the pleasure of getting to know during his time down in Philadelphia. I didn't get the belly till after coach Ed finished coaching up. The eagles in got the Super Bowl with them in one thousand nine hundred eighty when I was in college. But I did make it down there in my late twenty s to do sports talk radio and deck was still emeritus. One of Philadelphia's fragrance sports sons and was doing commercials down from media working to like he was on ABC time doing college football analysts work and took a whole bunch years off from coaching between the eagles before he got back in and took over the Rams, and of course, won the championship with them. But I got to know dick during his broadcasting time dime away from decide aligns and it just a class guy. I asked him during the week if he would come on Ethan driving south he's heading down to Florida where this I guess extended family vacation and his phone went out on me didn't charge it enough on the way down yesterday. So when he got to Florida at the time that he was supposed to be on the air it already passed. So he called. Yesterday while I was on the air. And I got my phone sitting next to me charging is a matter of fact, and I hadn't turned down the ringer. So my phone rings while I'm in the midst of doing the show yesterday, and I just turn the volume down and an I missed called decorah meal and within two minutes, he texts me and apologized profusely so sorry phone died. Bubba can I do something for you. Tomorrow size said yet coach if you want to come on board game start will be on roundabout to forty eastern if that's cool and technically back, whatever I can do for your done deal Jodie, and my producer, my engineer here, Billy, Jack and Tommy Di what probably wouldn't guess about dick per meal, and I did I did more texting I didn't speak to him till we got on here. We just exchange text Dixon his eighties. Now, he's always had that youthful. Look dig per meal doesn't look eight years old. He's sure as hell does. And and if you just caught the. Interview. He doesn't found eighty years old either. But he is in his eighties now, and he's like texting fiend. Double check that. I changed the tax last year last night while I still on the air and said can you come to forty? He said, yes. So I sent him attack about an hour before he was supposed to come on you. And I now from now we still good coach you didn't get back to me immediately. That was a little worried when show started but within ten minutes twenty minutes started show, he texts back. His text response was okay. With a yellow thumbs up a glass of wine and a football didn't think dick Ramiro was going to be a big emoji guy. But he had more emojis than the ad letters in his tax. His texts was to letters Owen k and three emojis, thumbs up a little glass of wine and football. So he's getting ready for an afternoon of football. Like, we all are saints Rams are officially underway. I played from scrimmage was an Ingram or Kamara off. Right tack on. That goes Kamara for. Oh, I miss a I play. I play was incomplete. So these saints looking at an early third in one here against the boxers. Sue Donald frontline of the Rams, yes, I'm on the record. I'm taking the Rams to pull the mini upset today. Caught an upset you have to quote an upset because there is a favorite in a game. And that would be the saints by three points. If you believe home field advantage accounts for three points. And that's what Vegas believes it for two teams met on a neutral field. Then you would say there is no home field advantage. And if one or two teams is home how much do you move the line in their favor above and beyond? What would be on a neutral field, and it is usually considered a three point advantage to being home fainter three point favorite at home, which means on a neutral field. They couldn't separate these two teams. They think they're that close in talent and sitting on abilities and momentum and the like both of them coming. Unlock their wins in the divisional championship series last week. That was in part. The reason why I was leaning toward the Rams in his game. Because I was more impressed with their effort against Cowboys last week than I was that of the saints in beating the eagles. They did rally for me early fourteen nothing deficit, and yet a defence shutdown. Eagles completely thereafter eagles did nothing offense over the final three quarters that game. But the Cowboys running game was completely spy made by the Rams last week. And I was impressed by that. So I picked the Rams for those of you who are loyal followers year to the Jody MAC show on CBS sports radio on the weekends. Prior to started the season way back on Labor Day weekend. Yours truly picked the Los Angeles Rams. And the Pittsburgh Steelers to make the Super Bowl that didn't quite happen. Because Steelers did not qualify you need to actually make the postseason to be able to make the Super Bowl. And the Steelers came up short in air division site new at best. I was only getting one of two home. And I'll be completely honest with you the last time I got both teams right to make it to the Super Bowl shoot. I don't even know what Super Bowl number was probably in the high twenties. We're now coming up on fifty three Super Bowl twenty twenty. Look this up for me real fast. TD today. Packers patriots. Homegrown against Parcells ninety four ninety five ninety six season ninety seven Super Bowl. So we're now in two thousand eighteen season two. So it's been thirty years since I got both participants right? Many a time I've gotten one out of two you get one right? And you get the other one wrong altogether. Too often, I've taken an over to collar, and when you go over to and meteoroid teams make the playoffs. That's when you gotta kinda bear your head and Shane I've only had a few of those. Thank you very much. That'd be embarrassing. But I'm not getting both right. This year. It won't be a repeat of thirty plus years ago, and I didn't have the Packers and the patriots this year. A anyway. I wasn't gonna pick. Chalk which I thought was the patriots. I didn't necessarily think the eagles with a truck, and you know, quasi-legal guy doing shows down in Philadelphia. But I didn't know that they were the favorite. I thought the saints were just as much a favorite as the Rams were. So I took an and the Packers always get their fair share picked people thought that Minnesota being in the championship game by adding a Kirk cousins actually made themselves a championship level contender. I thought the Rams were the team to beat in the NFC any AMC pick the patriots. If the Rams were considered the favorite in the NFC. I never take both favorites. You'll never see me do that unless I'm so it's so lopsided. And so heavy ended I'm not afraid to take favorites. But it's kind of cheesy and you shouldn't get a whole ton of credit. If you pick favorites on both sides. So when. Yeah. I knew I was gonna take the Rams who in my mind were the favorites in the NFC, even if they might not have been Vegas favorite. I wanted to take the patriots in the AFC who were the favorites spare side to go searching for a team. I couldn't take Kansas City. 'cause I didn't know what Mahomes was going to be. And again, if you're loyal listener here. I said Mahomes could be anywhere from a bust to a superstar right off the bat because I knew how much talent I knew the skillset we were talking about that. He could just don't call hit the ground running in explode. But I thought that might be severe growing pains as well side couldn't pick the chiefs while they were no growing pains Patrick bombs, and that's why they are in the game today. And that's why they are favorite along with the patriots who should always be a favorite basically every single year until both Brady and Bella check annex themselves from Boston. Pittsburgh was a legit shot. I thought Houston could win their division and they did. But I didn't think they were going to the Super Bowl. I wasn't going to pick against the patriots in east. So I had to have somebody coming out of that division. If I wasn't gonna pick city, and I didn't even pecans took a shot would Denver a lot of people have time to chat charger bandwagon, and Dr charges with a team to come out of the AFC before the year started. I didn't I thought they were a little overrated by the major insiders and NFL pundits before the started native really nice year. They didn't make it to the final four. We know they got beat last week. But I didn't think they were going to the Super Bowl. So the Steelers word the logical team to me. I thought that they'd be tested in that division that the ravens would make a tough form and the Browns were going to be improved. But the Steelers going to be able to win that division. And then they get it rolling. I did not think this was the year that lay beyond bell was gonna go. Oh, yeah. I'll stay out all year. Not just hold out till camp. Not just show up first game. Not just show up in season. One. I still get a full year's credit for I'll stay home for the entire season. Not the John Connor didn't hold up his end of the bargain filling in for Liberian. But I thought he was going to be a major contributor for the Steelers. And I didn't know the drama. It's gonna continue with. Antonio Brown as well. Which I don't know, by the way. Did you see the tweet from an Tonio Brown? I guess was late yesterday. Maybe you're earlier today. I tweeted directly to the Pittsburgh faithful. In talking about the passion of the Pittsburgh football fan. He did want to make sure that everyone understood that his kind words were not a good by just a thank you to Steeler nation. Love when people do that. They tell you what it's not. When it's exactly what they're trying to say, they want to dress it up as one thing, but handled handed off as another you don't have to go far.

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