Christine Blasi Ford, Phil Mendelson, Fairfax County School discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Marie leave happening now DC leaders talking about initiative Seventy-seven the motor measure that voters defeated back in June. It would pay restaurant workers a standard minimum wage council chair Phil Mendelson disputes the idea that a plan to repeal. The initiative is going against the will of the people know they voted for me, and I was against initiative DC mayor mayor bowser, sometimes the council gets it wrong and sometimes the voter skit it wrong. And in both cases, the council has obligation to fix it. And this is this is where we are with seventy seven councils to take up the matter on Tuesday. Republican members of the Senate Judiciary committee rejecting a demand from Democrats to have the FBI investigate Christine Blasi Ford's claim of a sexual assault by supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh after the GOP scheduled a confirmation vote for for this afternoon. Senator Mike Lee of Utah says they've duty to move forward. We have a job to do here today. Job yesterday was to hear from Dr Ford and to hear from judge cavenaugh. We've done that our job now is to vote today. We're going to do that. Fairfax county school officials passing a resolution to prevent sexual misconduct in the school system requires students and teachers to get sexual misconduct prevention education long before the metoo movement started school board member Ryan mcilveen says the Fairfax county school system has faced its own endemic issues of sexual misconduct survey pound fourteen percent of students in county schools reported being sexually harassed in the past year board member Elizabeth Schultz. I think this is the worst.

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