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You know taking care of Josh Norman. You know in doing right by Josh. Norman Norman is somehow like meaningful not so you meaningful. This is come on. This is coming from the owner. And you think I don't know I'm not coming from Bruce. Could be coming from Bruce. That doesn't sound like Rousseau. Could be coming from Bruce Bruce's a bottom line guy when it comes to money except that Josh was his Guy Yeah J.. That was one of those. It Josh in Sean Jackson. And then the Alex Smith Trade right you know where the big three you know different moves for him and then Landon Collins this year her and maybe he got pressured into that one. But remember Bruce Allen has made a career here in Washington of underspending for subpar players. I getting great contract value on very average to less than average players. That's going to be what I'm going to remember sound for a lot of things winning off the field you know damn good culture all of that stuff but good God you know this guy would fit in perfectly with the learners. What do you perfectly I see what what do you mean? Remember Broussin you speak of him in the past tense. I WANNA point out. It's Thursday December twelve right in the week that Bruce Allin was going to be jettisoned and he's still there in fact I think I read somewhere. He went with Dan to the owner. Apparently he's there so this doesn't sound like a guy. Oh God you're hoping for so much there's nothing right now Tommy's number one priority. In terms of local sports is for Bruce Allin to remain came in the same position if not given more power like wouldn't you love a press release. It says Bruce Alan he just he's the team president he's also been. I'm giving now additional responsibilities in the football operations the new head coach. Oh my God that would be a new head coach. I don't think he's coming back back. Well areas and I sat on the podcast and on the radio show last week. I said keep an eye on this week. Meaning right now right we could believe meetings for some news and and Lockenfora and I think a couple of others reported the same thing. We're not done with the week yet. Now we're not we're not but you know maybe come and close to beat the packers. I warned everybody. If you get a close loss or God forbid a win over the packers it could change every valley absolutely I look. I still think winning out against three division opponents while they got three games left right. Yeah all against the giants cowboys against three division opponents that totally changes the conversation on my God and they can you they call it they. They can beat the eagles they they can beat the giants. Imagine Imagine Bruce Allin Back Bill Callahan. Back you know. And somehow they're trying to sell that to you for twenty twenty. I mean people are locked into season tickets. You would have season tickets are ah you would have nobody there next year. Nobody there I know but you know they out rated Buffalo Baltimore. Yeah I know I know but still but I think there's more about the packers. Ah The opponent but still I mean I mean. We're that we have that. We're having this discussion now every week. That whose ratings are higher. It's something you never thought. Would how about the conversation that started yesterday. With the Scott Allens story in the post about you know how some die hard. Lifelong redskin fans are now rooting for the Ravens. I'm GonNa get to the Haskins thing in a moment. Remind me not to forget what Callahan said about Haskins. But how about that whole thing yesterday heavy. Did you write a column Monitor. Monitor radio talking about it. I was on radio talking about with Chad yesterday. I do think that there have been a handful of die. Hard redskins ends fans. who have who have changed allegiance? I think what you've seen. More is a generation of sports fans. Here that have grown up the younger fan. Yeah I know but that's not what we're talking. That's not what Scott Allen was right. I know that and I'm saying I was writing about somebody like me. Who decided because of their disgust? I'm going to root for the wave and I'm saying that that's not the biggest problem. The biggest problem I are the young fans and and the new fans moving to the area that decide. Yeah well you know my team was the Chicago bears. But I mean I'm I live in Washington I live in. PG county now. I live in Montgomery County and I wanNA root for the local local team. They're going to pick the ravens because the ravens there are a lot more fun and just as easy to get to from from any of these places much better lying stadium invest. Yeah so that. That's the big concern. The big concern are the new fans. I mean you should be concerned about the parents who have kids who you know. The kids often look to the parents to say. WHO's your team? That's going to be my team so there is some of that but I agree with you. Of course I mean my boys are not massive passive. They have no emotional connection to the redskins. The only connection they have the Redskins is me. You know in the time that they would spend with me watching watching redskin games you know. When they were younger they still care? I got two of my three boys will watch the Games and start to watch the games but like this year your I know there. They immediately turned the rest of the NFL. You know the red zone channel to watch the other Games. They're not they're not sticking with a loser like the redskins weakened in week out for three hours look at the presence and influence of the Ravens Ari. Problem it's a problem. I mean we can argue. How big of a problem promise but but it is a problem and the second biggest fan base behind the redskins in this town? NFL Wise Ravens cowboys cowboys. I think I do too. But that's been that's it's been that way it might be it might be that in every single. NFL City and in Washington. The cowboys have had a strong presence since since the early since the George Preston Marshall Days when a lot of African American fans root for the cowboys because the redskins didn't have black players and and the cowboys had a lot of them. And so that that that's rooted in some deep deep Generations the cowboys fans ends presence. Here so yeah I still think the cowboys would be the second biggest particularly in the city I think once you get out to Montgomery and PG county then it changes us more Montgomery County PG county but even there that that's the bat. That's that's where the ravens the Ravens would love. I I mean look everyone knows. I don't know if everyone those stories. But Steve Shoddy and Dan Snyder or not France there There was a confrontation according to the story at Steve Shoddy House that that was an embarrassing confrontation. I don't know the details of what we've all heard that SH- BUSHATI BISCHOFF was throwing a big party. That's neither showed up with you. Know some of his henchman. Whoever they were and at the front door said please tell Steve that that Mr Snider yes right. Yeah and Steve Shoddy basically said Mr Schneider really tell him to go fuck himself and he's not invited into the party. That's the story. I have no idea right through but but it it's a story that has a lot right right. I'm more or less. I think it was over a reference to the Mr Snider Reference Yeah. I don't know Dan said Steve for Shoddy Shaadi that you know my you know you call me Mr Snider or something like that. which he's done a lot of people over the years so so the Ravens would love nothing better than than to be able to tweak and bury the redskins as as much as they could run and there are certain limits that they can? They can't and they can't they. There's certain marketing marketing restrictions against them coming into the redskins market. But every other way they can they'll push the envelope. Well you know what's ironic. Is that like like. There are a lot of Oriole fans in Washington because we didn't have baseball for all those years. There are many less cates not comparable to the orioles fans in DC. But there are I hear from all the time. A lot of them listened to us have listened to us for years. You know when the when the colts left in in eighty four on that snowy morning in whatever march of eighty four whenever it was You know A lot of people because the Redskins were at their height you know they were winning super bowls goals and they were. It was the gibbs you know it was the gibbs era A lot of Baltimore Colt fans you know. They were so disgusted with what say done they. They rooted for the Redskins. I think you're overstating I I said it's not comparable to the Orioles fancier but there are i. I know a lot of them started to route from but it's it's a fraction of the sports fans that adopted the Orioles site. Okay I that making that point but there are some of them but anyway I just think I personally on the whole issue of you know jumping ship. It's okay in. This is my opinion. It's okay to to watch Seles to not spend money on the team anymore to not go to games anymore to not care to demand. Change to become apathetic I have a hard time. I'm believing that if somebody at you know call it thirty five years of age or older so they really had an attachment or had. The opportunity need to be attached to the redskins that they jumped ship for the Ravens or another team. I have a hard time believing that that person was a real loyal emotionally. Attached touched passionate fan to begin with. There's there's zero chance in the way I'm built that I could root for the Ravens is my a favorite team a root for the cowboys or the Eagles or adopt another team. I agree with Jude. I just couldn't do it. I agree with that. I'm disgusted with the REDSKINS. Yeah I make them right now. Having a position that that where you essentially do a personal boycott of the Redskins is not the same thing as changing allegiance leases and rooting for you know in this way a financial rival more than any other kind of rival. I mean if you WANNA make a statement and I know you scoff scoff at this but if you WanNa make a statement and root for a team go see the XFL. I'm really excited about cartel joan go CITGO CD. XFL Defense they fill that stadium every for every home game. What do you mean? They fill it if they haven't played a game if they feel for for all their home games and they represent any kind of competitive who owns. Football Vince McMahon. He owns all old team. He owns the leak. Yeah so I mean I mean that if you WANNA make a statement on another team show up at XFL Games..

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