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My new the world's but yeah when he went to cleveland the first time they're quotes from docking tibbs and hair being like well we were we were offering him way more money like we needed perkin those locker rooms yeah his reputation precedes yeah hey emperor clearly says i felt like cleveland was the best in the east and they would have had the easiest walk to the finals that's what made me choose yeah he wasn't wrong yeah god calls them like he sees them it jay is like right around seventy eight seventy nine games he was telling everybody this is a tough ride we have to buckle down again not wrong perkins that a lot of thing i don't think he's alive i don't think he's ever loud to me now mike miller this one was the one that stood out to make his i think mike miller was gonna get asked any questions first of all cleveland yeah he said he is to me one of my favorite teammates of ever had i only had him for a half year tracy mcgrady sick mike miller burly hated blame team yeah i gotta take that out that does sound like yeah and it's like i thought it was going to be a lot of salt quotes in it wasn't getting the all the cavs guys in the fund like getting westbrook and durant to like actually sit down and talk about him they those are still two of the best players in the league like it feels like decades ago they were teammates.

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