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Aaron the mad geniuses of football Let's look at their squads here. The quarterbacks are matthew stafford trevor lawrence and baker. Mayfield running backs saquon. Barkley the andre swift. Jk dobbins ronald jones. Shuba hubbard damian williams. Wide receivers t higgins chase claypool. Devante smith t. y. Hilton parris campbell and emmanuel sanders. Titans cockpits north and evan engram barrel to me. This team is very strong running back. It is very strong tight end and it is definitely good enough at quarterback but you look at the receivers and there's a lot of youth. This team obviously get a hilton campbell's And and locking up some good colts. Production there helps. But when your top two receivers are higgins claypool and davante probably gonna need one minimum of one probably two to win this league that they gotta hit but not a whole lot of weaknesses on others roster outside of that and they did not have to subject themselves to the weakness it receiver that they have. They went overkill. Both the tiger in ingram was perfect. Us they didn't need him and they did. They certainly didn't eat breaker mayfield It could be argued which backup quarterback to stafford that. They didn't want to have too much pink on this board. And three right three quarterbacks on one team it's way too much especially with the depth of wide receivers. If you look at some of the guys that they could have grabbed and some of the guys that are still on the board that went undrafted especially a rookie that i happen to write from clemson who is now city. You are in the situation here. Where their their lineup. Construction is somewhat questionable. And i think the losing receiver In the mix of all the players that are over at cincinnati is higgins. I think he's the one that loses volume catches and target so What an excellent team. That lee more yoga. I am looking at the next squad here. And it is jake police and greg maclean former winner of revelations before by the way is jacob Let's look at the squad here. Josh fallon is blown quarterback. The running back sorry. Jonathan taylor nausea harris. Josh jacobs devante williams to re cohen Anthony mcfarland receivers. Calvin ridley deebo. Samuel michael pittman michael gallup jalen reagor henry ruggs. Aj green k. J. hamlets tight end tyler. Higby and gerald everett. Alright farrell. you look at this squad. I have no quarrel with the running backs. A lot of good use up at the top of the draft A lotta guys with a potential for a lot of volume. We've talked about higby and everett O'hagan hearst on this team as well to hit her snow offensively backup in atlanta. He does not get released or traded And josh allen. Obviously china quarterback the receivers though Against some youth here going to be a star. I think samuel would. he's healthy. He'll be all right. Michael pittman certainly could be the number one receiver in indianapolis. But after that gallup rager rugs green hamler just. There's a lot of unknowns there on the receiver depth on this team. Not saying that. This team is competitive. But that's the question mark. I have with the squad and i think he's got a crystal ball. Goes obviously made the right decision with one quarterback. You're gonna drive quarterback like alan. Yeah with your quarterback and go get someone off the waiver where we can't belabor that enough you take the situation if you get going..

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