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That we all have and makes your mouth water, and it was so great. And now it's gone. Are they all closed in southern California? There's one left, where is it Santa Monica? I'm going. There's one Kuka ru left the chicken bistro. They were a lot of them at one point. And then they all sort of just disappeared. Bye. It was such a cool hang with such a the chicken. I don't know what kind of Spicer lemon or lime. They put on it, but it was a casual restaurant chain. They had a wow was founded in nineteen eighty eight and then it went out of business in two thousand fourteen five years ago. And the if you remember at your remember the logo. It's. K. O. K O. R O, and the I o of Kuku it was a chicken Lincoln at you. Which is sort of odd because I don't know if he's in on the joke that we're about to eat him by. Delicious. It is I think he's in on it. Yeah. Would chickens eat chicken without even question. But they would write animals are weird that way. Can eat chicken leg would you if you gave cat to cat food, you'd think they would eat it? We're not crazy. Because they eat their own. I mean, I think we would do it if we didn't know you know, it was like, would you eat Steve? If you didn't know him. Well, how would that be prepared? I don't know. Mondo would Beaumont Mondo a deadline. Would you have you ever tried human being? No. But I would really. Yes. Now, I want to ask him. But where where would that be available? I mean, it's probably not in the United States, right Everest. Oh, yeah. Right. Yeah, you can get and they never get stale. But that Kuka rule was great. I enjoyed that Kuru that green beans. And the yeah, the green sweet potato kukru in two thousand and three Kuka ru and cheese. Filed for chapter eleven at the same time Kuka ru had eight twenty eight locations down from thirty eight. As a result of the filing. The company was acquired by magic brands three years later, the number of locations. Dropped thirteen an additional ten locations closed then Kuka was acquired it had three remaining locations in two thousand ten and they filed for bankruptcy, but there's one Kuka rule left. You did you go to cook. I did when it was open, but I have some breaking news. Ooh. Do we have for the sounder? No. No, no. Well, if you want, I could find a sounder, give me one second here. You want you want the regular sounder or the special sound sports special sounder get special sounder, here we go. Don. All. Upset. Yeah. It's, it's a final in Oakland could be the last game played at oracle arena as the one lost.

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