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Police in Gilroy about thirty miles south of San Jose and Santa Clara county say the suspect cut through a perimeter fence on the side of the festival grounds bordered by a creek and opened fire several videos posted on social media chronicling when the shots rang out at the end will garlic festival you'll write police chief Scott Smith he says well the government has been killed there are reports of a second person involved is requesting any and all help from festival goers anybody that witness this incident that can tell us anything that took any photographs that perhaps videotape anything three people were killed several others injured in the attack I'm Jim rope Instagram post with the name of the suspected gunman mentioned a white supremacist book in voted picture people walking around the event shortly before the shooting started it's three oh five the future of a law on renewable energy is being targeted by one of Pennsylvania's senators and the environmental protection agency he would lose can globis was there is Republican Pat Toomey visited a suburban refinery with the EPA's top administrator senator to me was to get rid of the renewable energy standard policy created under president George W. bush it calls for a certain amount of renewable fuel to replace a certain amount of oil based fuel was invented for a different era and I don't think was ever a good idea but it is certainly obsolete now to me was at the Monroe energy refinery and trainer Delaware County speaking to hundreds of workers about he wants to reform that policy EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler was also there and believes de regulation is the way forward on energy production we finalize forty one the regulatory actions saving Americans more than three point five billion dollars over the last two and a half years and Wheeler says forty seven more D. regulations are in the works Ryan Callahan president of United steel workers local ten one represents workers at the soon to be closed P. E. S. refinery we don't need the law anymore and it created a situation that is costing the merger refiners and it may stop somebody from investing in PS Kim Clovis KYW news radio three oh six after a long and shameful delay of the permanent extension of benefits for the heroes of September eleventh and its aftermath is now law correspondent Steve Dorsey's at the White House to the applause of the crowd of nine eleven first responders president trump signed the bill in the White House rose garden the bipartisan legislation ensures a victims compensation fund never runs out of money it covers illnesses like cancer potentially linked to the attacks the love and loyalty of our nine eleven respond is knew no bounds the bill passed following delays with the help of activists including comedian Jon Stewart Bucks county congressman Republican Brian Fitzpatrick was among the lawmakers at that rose garden ceremony this morning the director of national intelligence Dan coats is leaving the trump administration the move comes after a rocky two years that saw president trump and codes clash over assessments of threats from Russia Iran and North Korea the new D. N. I. is a Republican congressman from Texas John Radcliffe you may remember him as the member of the house Judiciary Committee who went after Bob Muller during last week's hearing questioning his blows against the former special counsel by repeating the word respectfully reckless served as a federal prosecutor in terrorism cases.

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