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Today, , our guest is Chris Albrecht Chris host, , the podcast talking Mo- parts. . He has built this baby as the number one podcast on planet earth which I like, , and he himself is known as the moped hunter. . Since our four hundred and fortieth episode was coming up I thought it would be good to do something to mark the occasion, , and maybe he'll correct me here when it comes to mow power power plants, , I think four forty may be the one I think of I even more than a four twenty-six, , even more than three. . Really four forty is what I think of I. . But. . What I really want to do here is focused on mopus and celebrate kind of a special day Chris Welcome to the show. . Thanks for having me on rob I'm happy to be here. . Totally. . So. . Chris let some ground rules here. . I'M A podcast year. . Europe podcast her we either have to work together or we gotta go to like the death and Only one of us can win I'm all for working together. . Sound Good Man before I ever got into podcasting. . I was a fan of many automotive podcasts including yours and that kind of pave the way for me to go. . You know I'm obviously not going to do a podcast about muscle cars because that would be competing with the big dogs but I decided to focus my podcast on what I'm absolutely one hundred percent passionate about which is parts totally at most that was tongue in cheek and it's a big world out here man, , there's so much room and. . Opportunity and I have made more friends in the podcast space than I can even count and it's always been a good thing. . It should be that we're competitors but were really not I. . Don't know why it works that way but it works hand in hand and I really enjoy this and I can't wait to learn more here. . So Chris let's start with the basics before you even get to the moped stuff. . This is our first conversation ever where are you? ? Where'd you grow up get into? ? Cars I grew up in Seattle Washington and I currently live about thirty miles north in Marysville. . I grew up around Mope ours I spent a lot of my formative years in a nineteen seventy five dodge custom. . What we know now as Boogie Van Really <hes> Yeah my dad bought a seventy five cargo van a dodge black nothing in it completely gutted and he built it from the ground up you know this shag carpet the bed in the. . Back the spoiler, , the porthole windows, , the side of the crater mags, , all the fender flares the whole kit and caboodle along with that vehicle my dad in one, , thousand, , nine, , hundred, , I was born in one, , thousand, eight, , , five, , thirty, five , and my dad bought a brand new Daytona Turbo Z in one, , thousand, , nine, , hundred, , five black with louvers and the car has a talking computer in it so it will tell you if your doors are ajar and things. . Like that and as a kid, , I thought that was the coolest ever being I'm watching rider on TV and my dad's car as a young kid I'm like Oh my God, , my dad's car talks to. . So ever since I was young Mo parts have had an impact on my life and when I was young, my , dad didn't have a par muscle car but I, , had heard stories of his nineteen sixty nine dodge dart that used to go. . To, , the street races with and just have a general good time with and I was always intrigued I'm a car enthusiast I. . I, , respect anybody that has a passion for cars. . I don't care if it's a Ford Chevy or an import I respect all but I've always had a deep seated love for Mo- powers and when I got older, , I can finally afford to get myself a couple of projects. . So here we are what were your first products? ? My first Mo Pars were a nineteen sixty-nine Dodge Dart coincidentally, , the same color as my dad's name I've found that, , and now I also have a nineteen seventy six dodge deal one, , hundred short bed pickup truck that I love as well, , and that was kind of like my answer to the C. Tens because I've had see tens before in the past before I got into buying my. . Own mopeds, , construction company, , and the owner bought me a seat in. . So I've had my fair share of different vehicles but something always dragged me back to mow pars in when I was finally in a position to get myself a couple I never looked back.

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