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Illegally using the carpool lanes. They should be the ones to get penalized. Got I think he got a better bet of I don't believe in this sort of social engineering at all you got a better bed of of me buying electric car because I think, wow, I can drive in the carpool lane. Now that's worth it to me. Then you do people carpooling you can count the number of people carpool in any in any city because it will help them out in this lane on one hand been trying it only for thirty years, Jack. Let's give it another year or two at the chance that you're going to come up with a plan where you all get together. And one of you gets up a little earlier or whatever you can get together and dry. Make everybody on. Now, you're sleeping an hour less every day. So you can make the rounds like a buzz. Exactly. No, buddy. Certain antibacterial household cleaners could be contributing to childhood obesity. I'll be damned get a new study out of cabinet calories in them. A new study out of candidates shows that when infants are exposed to certain products. There is a change in the child's gut bacteria that makes it harder for the baby to convert food to energy. Wow. Yet, another example of the over cleanliness of the modern world, scientists at the Canadian medical association journal reports exception of San Francisco where they've got it. Right. There's an animal dung dung. My house is not another shining. The journal reports that children digest boots differently depending on what sort of cleaning products are used in the house horrifying that is freaking horrifying. It's it's amazing. Yep. They found that the homes were eco friendly. Cleaning products are used the children were less likely to be weighed. And then they're anti.

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