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It. I it be like us walking all the parking lot. And a piece of, you know, a bolt falls off an airplane lands on my head. I mean takes me out. That's totally it all right. Traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens of TempStar heating and cooling products. Here's an darling. A little busy right now on to seventy westbound between smokey row and thirty three on the east side seventy eastbound there's a disabled vehicle between James and Hamilton. The left lane is closed traffic heading down the canal Winchester in pretty good shape right now between gender road. And Dahlie road report traffic problems to the three BodyShop traffic tip line, six one four eight to one eleven eleven download the pig button collision repair app. Topic and weather every ten minutes on the tens from TempStar header heating and cooling, more traffic you can trust in ten minutes. I man, darling, NewsRadio six ten WTVN, your ABC six first warning weather chief meteorologist Marshall mcpeek is joining me live now. And we are live at Muirfield Village golf club Marshall, it has begun to sprinkle. So I think it's upon us. Yeah, it is the worst of it is just your north. But yeah, there are some showers moving into the area shawnee hills and up into Powell. There is going to be a little bit of rain up in that direction. So it is right there on the edge of MIR field that stretches all the way back to union Ville center Milford center. And then from there all the way back to her Bana. This is also going to stretch to the east out into the licking county. The western end of looking county in parts of Newark, getting some of this as well. Very heavy rain, just north of the downtown Westerville area showers and thunderstorms for the evening tonight, those will taper off later on, we'll get some patchy fog for the overnight. We'll drop to sixty six then on Thursday, a high near seventy.

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