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Eighty KRLD your news now we have an update in just a few about the latest in an active shooter situation in Milwaukee CBS news update we technically are in a state of containment in the United States despite that assessment of the corona virus from health secretary Alex ETS are Americans are concerned about the virus spreading in this country I know how easily people travel around the world today and obviously something like that is transported the Dow was down for the third day this week amid fears of the impact on the economy the travel industry is taking a hit already CBS news travel editor Peter Greenberg the first step in travel demand in eleven years we're talking about thousands of flights being cancelled lost airline passenger reviews Lebanese could actually reach thirty billion dollars or more and that's just the airline president trump holds a news conference in two hours to talk about what his administration is doing to battle the virus but aides are told Congress he doesn't think Mr trump will name a corona viruses are CBS news update on Pam called several people shot in Milwaukee this afternoon this is on the campus of MillerCoors brewing no word yet on how many are shot or if anyone has died CBS news reports a heavy police presence in the area with fire trucks and ambulances they also reporting they don't want any helicopters or drones to be flown over that site what what is next for the man convicted of killing a Richardson police officer the older brother of convicted murderer Brandon McCall told the jury today McKenney the family had a rough upbringing Michael McCall testified wearing prison clothes because he's currently serving a federal sentence Carol these LP Phillips says the testimony is an effort to keep Brandon McCall off of death row and three to one Michael.

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