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Your complaints all on the world of major home appliances. So join me when we want to talk about when you want to talk about your major appliances like washers and dryers. Refrigerators stole his dishwashers, Microwave oven, garbage disposer room air conditioner. Do you met a fire? Even the humidifier on the side of your furnace. I'm Joe Gannon, along with executive producer Donald the Hammer Schuster and we want to talk with you. And as Glen Hagi told me many years ago, the success of a radio program Ah, Colin show depends on how many collars you get. So that's what we're hoping for Your phone calls. I'm Joe Gannon. And his name Donald the Hammer Schuster. Thank you, Appliance, Dr Joe Cannon, and here's a win win for you, Dear Listener. If you call now, not only will you get your question answered, but you get it answered quickly because we're just setting up our callers for the new show and the new hour And you would really help us out and be a win win. We'd help you, but you'd help us. Help us get the show going. Give us a call it our phone number, and here it is. 808 590 W. J R. It's 800. 8590957. So here's how easy it is to remember even if he couldn't write it down right now, 800 that you got right. Throw that away. You remember 800. Now all you gotta remember is 8590. Then W. J. R. Okay, so 808 590 wjr the number to call so we could help you out with your appliance repair question this morning, Joe. Yes, And we begin the radio program this morning as we do every Saturday and Sunday with a hockey story from the old days in this story happens to pertain to a guy named Joe Gannon. You see way back when the Red Wings asked me to escape with them with the alumni team? Um, I was on the single side of life and I never spent any money for myself. But every once in a while, I'd need a pair of tennis shoes, so I had met Valerie. And I used to go to the shoe store and I'm telling you, I'm not getting you when I say to you. I go in to buy a pair of tennis shoes and I'd be out of the store in less than five minutes. In out, but I'd never ever spent any expensive money on a pair of tennis shoes because I was hard on them well. Yeah. One day Barry came home and says to me Look at these nice tennis shoes I bought and I saw Holy smokes. I can't wear those. I said What? What did you pay for these tennis shoes? Well, it was some $150 that I used to spend $20 per parer. Running shoes. So she says, Well, there were $157 I solely smoke. Anyways, it was the fall of the year We still went down the Joe Louis Arena for our weekly practice and meetings and so forth. So I said, Well, okay, well, and I went down to Joe Louis Arena, dressed in a pair of shorts. And tennis shoes and I went in and the guy said old Wow, we'll see after practice, Elsa, but you used to fix these old round wooden tables with a big white tablecloth. That was 10 times too big for the table, but it dragged on the floor. And so we all used to have a barbecue out there, and we cook up some hamburgers and hot dogs and anyways. The guys see the humor. You can't believe the there's a million stories toe Anyways, The guys came over to the table where I was sitting and started arguing about appliances. Now some of those guys don't even know which end of a screwdriver to use. But they started arguing about facts about appliance and they had me gone well, Meanwhile, uh, Somebody snuck underneath the table cart underneath the table. Uh and, uh, Elsa Butkus is to be when you go over there on top of those racks and get some more mustard and ketchup. I said Okay, so I gotta and I walked away from the table. It took two steps and You see what happened is somebody snuck on a rate and to this day, I still don't know who it Woz and I looked down at my tennis shoes. And both of them were just covered with mustard. Mustard on a brand new tear pair 10 ish, and you know you can't get Must. I didn't care if you got to speak. Well, I guess you could with the speed Queen Wash. But anyways, I love down and saw the mustard on. And now when we have meetings, Okay, There's always the announcement by George Bowman, Our secretary and goaltender. Uh Yours yells. Oh, Okay, shoot, Jack. I immediate and everybody's still laughs about it as we go on in our old age, But that's a little story about the humor that is portrayed by these professional hockey players. Always been a big joke. Shoot, Jack. So take a look at your shoes today, Donald, get underneath the table and put mustard all of Berlin. The shoes. They're ruining the shoes. Okay, but who is only $150 joke, and they've got all sorts of lasts out. It still do today. That's my hockey story for this Sunday morning, ladies and gentlemen, and I take it and shoot it back to Donald A hammer. Schuster. I think when I ruined my shoes, I'm going to do it very Detroit style with chili mustard and onions the way to do it. Let's go Toe Belleville, see if we could help him out with this furnace. He's got a blower motor question. This is Mark. Good morning, Mark. Thanks for calling in the how may we help you? Good morning, Mr Gannon. Um I have a blower mortar and when it starts off it is so loud. The 1st 33 45 seconds and starts off. I want to know if you know how to quiet it down. Well, first of all, you know, the blower motor and the hardware that holds it in place may have some rubber mounts that hold it in place. You're gonna have to get in there to find out if that's true or not. And this is for a mobile home. All right course. Yeah, but you're still gonna have to get into that furnace yourself. Have you been into their mark to take a look? Yes, yes. Yeah. I just think it's just like I said, the first admission is not Robin on the shroud. I think you call it Housing. Is that first initial on the juice when the When the electricity is the voter, the startup wants to start spinning and quiet down that 1st 34 seconds. That's it. All right by my bed is 5 ft. Away from the furnace, And this is driving me nuts. All right, well, either you move out or you fix the problem just found out here's what Here's what I know. The You have to check what I'm talking about Motor mounts or whatever. Maybe when the furnace comes on, you pushed the motor with your finger or your hand or whatever. But if it's a bearing noise, and this is the way they start, okay, my suggestion to you is and it's a bit of the job. But take the motor out of there. Disconnected. Shut the power off to it. Take the motor out of it and go to the hardware store and get yourself a little bottle. Of turban. Oil. T u R B I am Yeah. Yes. Now if you hold the motor on end and you dropped 5 10 15 drops of turban oil down the shaft. It'll leak into the bearing in a migrate to the bearing. And if you do that, and you've only got one in, that's okay, if you got two ends on the motor, do it on both ends, but Put some oil into that bearing. And in some of those motors used to have a little caps on them On the end, you're you could oil the berry Yeah. So Now, if the turbine oil doesn't take care of it. And I know that Furnace Motors can costas, much as $600 plus toe have replaced. And this is the time when consumers like yourself should have AH, home won't warranty with DTE or Consumers energy. Whoever provides the energy to your home..

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