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It's there for six and the guys open. He doesn't see it. He opened to it doesn't see it open doesn't trust. If for whatever reason that he goes to the left. But he turns back to the right turns into a scramble drove situation forces a throat. It's incomplete if he's decisive enough on that play it's six it. So that's gonna be the concern for the eagles. Look there place if he's leaving on the field if he hits just one or two of those changes, of course of game. So you've got to make sure that coverages there because he's missing stuff that if he sees it he can hit it for a big play. So do you feel like Johnson is a guy that you blitz to rattle or a guy that you lay off a little bit? And just say, hey, we're going to give you certain things short. We're not gonna give you those deep looks. You're going to have to execute execute for twelve for fifteen plays in drive and any hiccup is going to start you out. How do you think based on the strengths and weaknesses of Johnson? Regardless of what we know about Jim Schwarz's low blitz frequency. What do you think is the best plan of attack for Johnson yet? That's an interesting question. I think look at the deficiencies that were see from him from a place beat processes being diagnosed decipher decide to situate. In here. I don't think you blitz them. Because I think you know, if you blitz a quarterback, you were giving the easy read the hot read, the quick fro the check down, whatever it is in that certain place structure that he knows okay. While this guy comes or if this guy comes this is what I gotta do. You know, you almost speed up the decision-making processes make it easier for them. That's why I've always been of the mind that you know, when you're facing young quarterbacks who also typically are bit slower and making up their mind, why make it easy for them? You try to confuse them you drop seventy drop eight you give them different books. You make them sort of have to really try and decide and decipher diagnose what the defense is doing terms of rotating coverages rolling coverages staps he has inside because at threes that four is that Colin five whatever the coverage is. So I think that should be the game played with him. Don't make decision process easier. Don't speed up processing speed because are officially via the blitz drops. Evan trop a try to confuse him with post nap looks being different than priest app. Looks and sort of confused him. So we see more of him missing those. Opportunities downfield. Yeah. I agree. You have to kind of make fake Mark. Let's talk about the other quarterback in this game. You may have heard of him name is Nick foles. He's been the starter for the past two weeks in two big wins. In fact, those wins were the most quality wins by this evil seen this year. I thought the Rams game wasn't his best. There were some very good moments from cores one two three and fourth quarter. I thought he struggled a bit. But the Texans game which wasn't perfect. But the duel between him and shown Watson was a blast. And overall, I thought it was a really excellent performance from full suit. Just doesn't seem rattled by anything. What have you seen for full so far from your perspective? He doesn't seem Draddy and sort of the difference between ham say Josh Johnson. For example. Obviously look once the back of quarterback is wanted Super Bowl yet. There is a guy that was on his twelve team reported out look at the different sort of between processes speed in decision-making time between these two quarterbacks. And you want a prime example of it from Nick foles you look at that early touchdown on that's win route that fourth in two. Away. Immediately deciphered what a defense is do it. Take advantage of it. Because it's the double sweat rub. Concept wheel route from the running back. He's able to hit that on the fly perfect row. They hit that kind of design a couple of times in that game..

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