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On 93. Mike, What's going on here? We've got a bad crash on 93 in Wilmington. Here. Let's go right up to the WBZ news, right? Radio traffic copter Yet the border mess here 93 is shut down both directions at the moment. Mike serious roll over on the sound side. Concord Street in Wilmington. Mid flights at the scene now both sides of 93 at a standstill all either close to the refund sites all the way back to Mont Bill AB cellphone Get back through 1 25 again. Syria's old Okay? Yeah. Elsewhere. Alright, 4 95 South is backed up Well before 93 way down into Chelmsford that was set off by an earlier crash. 4 95 north delays as well. Chelmsford Back up into local 1 28 northbound tied up to Lexington. Route three. A all the way up in the Lindfield out bounds in the red from brim 11 Beverly Way down into puberty. And then four and 2 25 all the way to the Mass Turnpike. The expressway hardly moving at all from the tunnel down to a right lane breakdown at South Bay and then from Neponset Circle all the way down onto route. 24 1 28 southbound delays Route nine all the way down on to 93 north in the canton of the Mass. Pike Westbound is jammed up out of that Allston Brighton area. Out towards the Western state Police barracks from an earlier crashed there. Mike King WBC's traffic on the three right back to you both in just a few minutes. Right now it's time for the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast brought to us by Toyota's official website for deals. Buy a Toyota dot com of patchy clouds. For tonight it will be sticky with the low down to 73 will be hot and humid day tomorrow with clouds and sunshine. Well, there will be a thunderstorm around late in the afternoon and into the evening hours. Especially inland.

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