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Canines signed to the US military, Jeff Franklin's unbelievable. Careers profiled in the new book Franklin demand behind the United States commando dogs by Matthew. Duffy, it chronicles the story of building the first of a kind dog program for top tier task force within the primp branch of the United States military. And we are so honored. And we are so happy to have with us today. Jeff franklin. Welcome geoff. How are you? Good morning. I'm great. How are you? Very good. Thank you. Now. Your life is as I said, it's an inspiring story, but your life is absolutely amazing. And what you've done can you just tell listeners a little bit about yourself. So I started off your dogs as a hobby. Believe it or not as a kid progress from there, I spent some time in the Marine Corps. I wanted to be a canine top since I was in middle school. And I did some time with that and learned how to play with the police dogs in dogs, and eventually I was recruited by the US government to do some other projects. And now some of those projects that you did and they are detailed in this book, which is a phenomenal book, by the way. I is people to get it because you're not gonna be able to put it down reads like an action. In fact, I could see a movie coming out of this action packed thriller. It was so so so good, can you tell us a little bit about the work that you did with the military dogs in that training program you created. So my task was basically take what I my experience I had in law enforcement and swat teams and teach military operators. How to effectively used don's and very similar type scenarios obviously there overseas. So there are. Some differences. But there's a lot of people that are really good with tactics and running that know how to move through buildings and signed bad jobs. But when you throw in a live animal that's wanting to do the same thing. Sometimes they don't know how to operate together. Sure are kinda came up with a plan on how to integrate our police canines or military canines in with the operators at the same time. So they both can do their jobs Semel, technically. Because my first started in this. It was always separate. You guys are either doing the clearance or the dog was in the building. And no one else was allowed to be around it because it was a monster that was going to eat everybody. So we very very highly motivated dogs worshiper social and with the right handlers in operators when you mix them together where they could be affected together. I found it interesting. When I read like, I'll use the dog Bosco, you said wanna go to work. I believe that was the commute. They knew how to shift from being in their crate, just like relaxing too. Okay. I'm going to get to work. Now. There's like you had different code words that actually brought them got their attention. And they responded I mean, it was amazing the way they responded, and they were like by their side by side. They mimicked your movements in I don't wanna get with book away. But I mean, there's so much. There's so much like my heart was racing. I couldn't wait to get to the next page. But it was amazing. How he was just like by your side. I mean, mimicking your movements. And it was like a even though he was your canaille. He was a canine partner. It was almost like a human. Well, it it does like human when you're the handler dogs like this, and you really know each other's every movements, and I'm gonna tell a trade secret. It doesn't really matter. What I say. It's mostly how I say what the body language says. I can I can say peanut butter and the right tone of voice and have the right body language by dogs are be ready to go. It's kinda interesting like a lot of people in. I think we briefly talked about this earlier that there's. Start while I'm gonna use certain language commands for my dogs. Is it to be honest? It doesn't really matter what we say nearly as much as how. And when we say and Dondra masters at body language. I I think I could probably convince my dog it's time to go to work. Rodney Walker without even saying work. And it's because if you think about they don't talk to each other much. No, it's so if there's an animal on this player that knows body language, it's dogs there. There are the ultimate masters body language, for sure I have someone that I know who has a personal protection dog and actually a couple of people, and they the one that I know is it the dog response to the commander in another language, and she does have body commands to and she's with it all the time you train canine protection dogs as well as other dogs. Can you tell us a little bit about that? I'm gonna tell you another trade secret that's going to be funny for you. We really don't train personal protection dogs. It's all about the dog selection. You know, are you still analysis a lot, but the one train LeBron James how to play basketball somebody just just let him do it. And I think for dogs if we look at any job specifically, we're talking about I montecchi if we select the right dog to do this really what we're doing. We're teaching the humans how to handle this animal because Dodd taught him how to do it when they were born in a lot of times, I think people were watching much on what they consider training. But we rely on is what is the dodge natural ability Bosco, for example, if he didn't have the genetics in the natural drive to do that work. No trainer in the World Cup teachings. Do the stuff that he didn't is working days is very good Bosco was. With with the preservation protection dogs. I think one of the you know, we have to select the right dog. And and the training really is about how to turn the dog on how the term the dog off teaching the hang loose. You know, those those type of things and then also you don't wanna dog. I don't actually say that's not social still has to be able to hang out with people friends and family, but turn it on when they need to, you know, sometimes people think protection dogs or military dogs or police dogs can't be social, but there's a lot of people that there's a lot of humans that do those same jobs, and you know, they go to WalMart and target and they shop like normal human Beijing. So it's time to go to work and the best working dogs are the same way they should be able to have a normal life, and they go to work when it's time to work. I'm so glad you brought that up because I I've so believed that, you know, especially like when a military dog retires or a police dog canine in in, you know, in the military or police or wherever it is. Needs to when they retire or something they need the social skills to they you know. So it's good to have that balance. In addition to all those amazing stories in all the those amazing daughters you've trained to run the world on my word there so highly skilled, but you also train at a Cobra Kane and you train pet dogs. Now, can I ask you a couple of questions about a pet dogs? Sure. I'm going to ask you this first one because I have I have a problem with one of my dogs. Can you give us some advice? Like if your dog barks a lot or begs for food or is like jumping like when you have guests coming is there. Some good advice for that. I have to I have a rebel. Here's here's the thing that we teach. I think that there's a lot different again. You're probably you've probably heard this already. I'll say it again. I do things a little bit different. But I do it because it works. So for example, most of the time you referenced a dog earlier that went to training class, and it didn't make it or whatever if I have a dog. It's for example, you just named barking jumping begging for food it you could list a long list of Mainers wanna dog. The number one mistake in out people. Don't get mad at me. But the number one mistake dog trainers. Do they try to convince the dog to do something else? So go get under your bed or go. Sit down and go lie down or go, do whatever. Instead of addressing the problem. I can fix ninety percent of what people's problems over there without using one command. You don't need commands you need to tell the Dogra stop doing whatever that behaviour is. So they can understand it dogs don't understand avoidance behavior like like humans do so they don't process. Information the same way. So for example, if alpha dog, it's his turn to eat and someone else tries to interrupt him. He doesn't certainly go over there lay on the rock and bake from me to finish. He works them up around the neck and says, hey, you wherever you want to do, but don't bother me while I'm eating, and it's kind of the way I look at it in my house. It just don't come in the kitchen kitchen until not become the kitchen. Vicky. They'll do whatever else they want. I don't care. But they're not allowed the kitchen and the same thing we'll hit people over you can say so much can't jump. So there has to be and there's a whole list of the whole holistic things that you could do for that. But it has to be some sort of negative consequences says, hey, you're not allowed to jump and you'd have to be very blocking my rules have to be the same all the time. But it really throws dog sincere. Frenzied if the rules are are gray. They're never going to understand not to jump or not to pull on the leash and not to beg for food or all the things that people want their dogs not to do. So if we look at it from a dog's perspective, and we'll just make it simple and says, here's the ten things you're not allowed to do. And we reinforced that every single time pretty quickly that he was going to go away one things that you, and I talked about as we were off Mike I talked about what about dogs have gone through Videon score. But they're still not really obedient and they have bad manners. So that I reach everybody. Because again, I'm not trying to pick on any particular training system. But. Dog trainers that I run across all across the world. They focused on things like he'll sit down and say, we'll even if your dog, this is let's pretend you said you a rebel rebel was really good. At those things that doesn't make the Rabe rebel good at the hazy. There's a big difference between doing obedience command and hasn't manners or behaving. So you could go through channel meetings plant classes, and if it's not addressed on how to give a negative consequences to bad behavior. Then you're still going to be happy. You might have a dog that sits really nice though, when it's not sitting it might just be a terror. So it doesn't when we see dogs whether they came from the shelter, and they've never had any work whatsoever or been to three different obedience schools. We evaluate them. And we try to address the owners biggest problems are. And then we work from there because I don't really I think I'd probably give my dog. Maybe five commands a week. I don't give them mini mansion just doesn't need them. I I told her how to behave say that's like and what the one that. I'm talking about. She knows her sit her stay her down her play. She knows everything I have to feed her in her great. So she doesn't attack the other two. But it's just like when we have people come. She just goes. And so I have to like actually gate her in a back room kind of have our little safe-space, and I'm talking about a dog, that's like six pounds. So, but she thinks she's she could probably come work for you. She thinks she's one of your dogs. She she has a big dog mentality. She's fierce. But she's a love a love Muffin. But I mean, she goes into mode me, and she is like the protector of the house and the other to go. Okay. You can go do the work. We're just gonna sit over. I I might need a dog that size. I'm over the year, the older, I get the less. I want dogs as big as Bosco. I can tell you. So, but I think if even with your dog, what's her if she had, you know, if you were to say, okay, this is my negative reinforcement for whatever the behavior, and I'm gonna use this reinforcement every single time their behavior will eventually be and it should be extinct. Pretty quick dogs. Are they learn really fast when you give them options what you're really doing?.

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