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Thank you therapists disagree. But that's how he likes therapist. I mean well no see. It's interesting because a couple years ago. I was getting really into psychology and i was trying to talk to you not therapists psychologists and. I was trying to talk to them. You know people that i knew through university connections and i'll try to talk to them about motivating other people because that's huge. You think about michael jordan. The thing they said is he made everyone around them. Better house trying to learn. Is you know it might seem a tad manipulative. But i was trying to see. How do i manage talent. How do i get people to do the right thing for them. And do the right thing for the greater good of the group you know and and and you look into a lot of that but on and so i would say some theories. Sometimes they confirm them sometimes. They deny like. I talked to professors to verify of my ass. I go to people and talk and ask before. I say things publicly and one time mistake before. I got the psychologists connection. I talked with therapists and i was like. Hey i'll give you fifty bucks fifty bucks. Just don't talk to me like a patient. Just i'm i have these questions about how the human mind works. Talk to me immediately. They're in their playbook. Oh how does that make you feel. I'm like i'm asking you like you know as that whole thing where it's like it's like dude just like don't talk like and i knew what she was doing. You know but one thing. I said to me was remember therapists aren't doctors. Therapists are not scientists so that was a big thing but now but now this lady she was trying to say. Oh this is wrong with you. you know There is we had a big disagreement. On what makes a human being mowder and and she's like oh so so. You work so hard like i work hard because that's what you have to do like you've got to work. We've been working since the beginning of time. And like i say to her. I'm like some guy who you know just like lives office. Parent's money sits in bed all day. Playing video games consuming consuming consuming consuming not doing anything. Not impacting anyone else's life like i'm sorry explain to me how he matters explained to me. You know and so. Because i'm busting my ass here trying to do this. You're trying to tell me that this guy's on the same level of me like sorry and that's where the competitive sorta thing comes out and a lot of people consider that screwed up. But i'm just like dude like i'm busting my ass and you're gonna tell me. Oh yeah he's just as good as you know sorry like is not how it works to me anyway and so yeah i think as a good director because that's like a manager right is in my wrong in a kind of standing. What director does but that'd be similar to business manager of sorts.

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