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He had that brillo pad, too. Yeah at one point where it was just like, it was just right. It was just yeah, it was like a tiny little bike ramp, right at the front. In fact, I don't even know if he actually had the Gumby. I think all he had was the joy right there. He was like, yo, Indiana about to show y'all how we get down because that's everything Shaw chimps from Indiana. That's why I'd be like, yo, why don't you know, hoosiers, what a great movie, you want to talk about the heroes of Indiana basketball, shawl kill. Glenn Robinson, you know what I'm saying? Zach Randolph. That's what we need to put together, by the way, a movie called the new hooges where the new hoosiers go back and play the old hoosiers. It is a bunch of dudes from Gary and Marion and all these other places. I saw I thought of you the other day because it was on social media, I guess Michael B. Jordan is promoting the creed movie and him and Jonathan majors were talking about their favorites and different categories and Jonathan may just had the nerve. They asked was the goat sports movie Jonathan man just had a nerve to present hoosiers into the conversation. He got off of it quickly, but he put it up there like it deserved to be in the running and I was like you just trying to sell some tickets to a particular demographic, let them know that you are cool with who's just well, I'm looking at this and he is from Santa Barbara county he went to Yale in yeah, he went to UNC if any went to Yale and I don't feel bad about saying this because I'm not offering it as a judgment. It means there's nothing bad about this gentleman. However, let me run if you talk it up who's just like that. Let me run a Google on Jonathan majors girl friend. And by the way, I put in girlfriend and what I was trying to find out was the second suggestion for search by the time I got the F all girlfriend. I think that's for everybody though. I don't know. I think you put it anybody's name and put in a G they gonna follow it F yeah, yeah, well we got that part, but it was, I was looking after he said, who's this? You know what I was looking for. And what I was looking for was the second sir. Okay. Yes. Yes. Michael B. Jordan caused some heat in these streets about his relationship choices. Yes, oh, yes, yes, yes. Yes, he did. He was like, watch this. Yeah, he was like, he was like, watch this. He did it. He did it the same way with Russell Wilson. Like, oh no, nah. I'm a show you. What? Oh, that's what y'all think about me? Say something nah. Say something now. Oh gosh, this started with Sean Kemp. Somebody can make a map of our conversations one day. That would be hilarious and entertaining in itself. It's just like, how the hell are we ended up on how Jonathan majors grew up, start with Sean kip, letting off shots in the parking lot. But also, but also, we got to some basketball history. We taught the youth. We got the basketball history that spans back decades, spans backs eras, all of this stuff. We really got into some like, we actually got into the sports way to see they can't do it like we do with them. You know what I'm saying?

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