Alexander Johnson, Joseph Drool, Philip Rivers discussed on Broncos at Chargers


I thought the whole foods wine jumped a little early before the ball is snapped no question you know this quietly Alexander Johnson a backup linebacker football courses had a huge impact on this game in the second half is commonplace almost the entire second half may have made a big intersection right yeah he did he got to the store today place of Joseph drool was out with a hamstring exactly second and ten from the food three forty two goal bottles of seventeen ten rooms gets a shot himself one analyst rivers flowing into he threw the ball wide it Alexander Johnson stands at the forty five yard line and he just flat out drop another terrible throw by Philip rivers wow yeah I like that one back good he from von Miller well I got it back news for you got it back prince god did only could do one on one on one Miller forty plus the pocket rivers felt a little pleasure and you know it would buy a stroll in the the guy who were just given to Alexander Johnson ten for the charger thirty rivers in regards to the white one with a lot of one down lineman for Denver no flights to the time out there before the time out Denver their second thirty seconds on my own you know in this.

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