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Radio Bryce Harper's first walk off hit is a Philly it's a two run double Phillies beat the Dodgers nine eight interleague play nationals beat the Orioles eight to one Matt Adams in one sort of with home runs for Washington Yankees come from behind to beat the rays eight to three D. V. Grigory is a grand slam yanks are now sixty and thirty three Marlins pound the Padres twelve to seven and also the Indians blank the Tigers eight to ten nothing night Clinton McConnell with home runs for Cleveland blue jays hammer the red Sox tender for the final score smoking Hernandez with home runs for Toronto diamond banks get by the Rangers final score nine due to elsewhere medspeak the twins three to two despite six innings of one run ball from Michael Pineda the pirates take care of the cardinals three to one Francisco Liriano gets the victory for Pittsburgh Royals destroy the white Sox eleven nothing giants double up on the Rockies in Colorado in ten innings eight to four athletics nine two over the mariners angels seven two over the Astros I'm Jay Berman this is taking that up here we've got the sports world covered three eastern noon Pacific right here on CBS sports radio this is usually a piece from November ninth you're listening to extra sports thirteen hundred we encountered this every week the work week or not feeling like it's been a long week it's way too early in the week to be this tired because it show it's the middle of the workweek to the home on I ironic that I know Jay you when millions of Americans are rushed to to find out what they'll look like when they get.

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