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I mean I always have a lot of opinions GA source my hottest take a heartache taste to something you've said. I don't know I feel like you need help me. I'm trying to think who say I always like because I just watched his a fan like I don't like totally I mean. I know it's going on a battle for a long time like I don't know all the INS and outs I'm like. Is this player. That good like what is up with this player. Or what are they like? Are they going to win the championship? This Samat Michael. I mean the rockets are Never GonNa win like that never. It just can't happen it just like no matter. How Good James Harden is like I mean. At least I've never seen it in. You're never gonNA be invited to Sloan ever all analytics know that there are more. I'm like it's like he has to perform at like you know apex levels for every game of the whole laid playoffs. You basically in order for them to win. It's just it's not gonNA happen. I like it that satisfied. That satisfied Yasser other question to say it. But it's not gonNA work so on a more serious note Some within the last year in Sioux Road of wonderful essay about this for the Players Tribune. Both of your lives changed. I would imagine and they changed. Because Megan became a symbol of lots and lots of things and some of the things that she came to embody symbolize. How can I say this annoyed? The president of the IDC who expressed his annoyance so mega. I already know the answer this from reading some articles. But was there ever a moment where you were thinking to yourself this overwhelming? Like maybe you got five hundred text messages in one day Or maybe a thousand. Because I don't just like from even my buddies in the media when you suddenly become part of a story in a way that you're not expected to it can start off as exciting and it can quickly transition into. I KINDA WANNA hide in my hotel room until this blows over but you. I don't think you ever felt that right like you were just like bring it. Let's go yeah I really didn't and to this day like I know the magnitude of I mean first of all like any president tweeting at you like even when I see stuff in the past of life you know brock bomb holding up a a Jersey or I've been to you know You know the Bush Whitehouse and I've been to the Obama White House like there's a magnitude of the president and then you put like you know trump in that like that's just insane and so two hadn't like go off like that like in such a weird. It was all like Lychee too. I was like wait. You you're are you in your routing Flores 'cause you you love America and you want us to win but now you're rooting against ask us and it was like. I'm like you're having a full on glitch out right here. So it's like I know the magnitude of it but it never I never had that gut feeling like Oh man. This is bad I was kind of like you look bad and I just need to own it and the only really thing that that I did wrong. Like say the F. Word if that's even like wrong thing and just kind of the way. The tournament was playing out to like. We were sort of in a bubble but you always have those media moments and it was kind of like. I don't know I think the team and myself we were just kind of like in this little bubble sort of primed for it anyways and it just sort of added to the magnitude in I don't know I just. I love those big moments too so I felt like the World Cup was exploding and it was like so popular at this game. That whereabouts against France was like the game that everyone had circled in. I feel like I had much support in like within the team within the group like we had our president was there and like You know other like high members from. Us Soccer Obviously coaching staff. The team everyone was like we got your back so I feel like if everyone else was a little bit more stressed out in like exposing that to me or you know kind of saying that maybe I would have had that feeling but everyone just kinda like. That's why old and I was like I know. Can you believe it and I was like already scheduled to go to the press conferences? Discount said it right away and then I just I don't know I just like there was just nothing that was gonna get in the way of of US winning and doing doing our job feel so I feel like as long as we just focused on that then I was like you played yourself. Why is it speaking of which I read a clip when you were talking about this and you said actually the only thing that was really worried about was. Is this going to affect the team? And I assume you meant like our people get just going to be stressed out from answering questions about it are people gonna like. Is it just going to become such a thing but nothing right yeah? It really didn't and I think my team had the same response. They were kind of like. Oh my God. This is so wild. Like you've got trump trying to take you down onto it or like two days before we played the big game of the World Cup. Like this isn't so there's almost like of course. The presidency has a magnitude could also trump doesn't take his job seriously. A lot of ways in doesn't act presidential and You know sort of just goes off the handle all all the time about these things. So that sort of lessened the importance or seriousness of it in this way because he had done this with so many people across so many different things in different athletes as well so it was kind of like. Of course he's GonNa say we'll we're not invited. Anyways it's like we already weren coming so I can resend that invitations. I quit. You can't fire me. Did you have to switch phones? I didn't I just get that day. I just can't even imagine your phone. Just must have been like a lot. I actually don't do a lot of comment reading as is I've always. This is just like people. Explained is not such a great team around. Amin Shah at my agency to Were like furious on the back. End like doing all kinds of work in cybersecurity. I got a lot of like reset your account for snapchat recently out for you know a lot of kind of like cyber hacking going on but I was able to keep my interesting Su- as that was happening. Did you know you embrace it to you? Wrote this awesome piece for the Players Tribune. That what like crazy popular they win. So it's a it's a great story area like whether you agree with the politics. Don't U S. A one the big thing we can all get behind that But did you have a sense of this is happening of like life is not going to be the same after this like going to restaurants when we used to be able to do that is not going to be the same just like regular life is not going to change because Meghan went from famous athlete super famous in the soccer world to like one of the most famous people on Planet Earth for a period of time. Yeah no I didn't know if that makes me like I don't I don't know realize no I had no idea I don't even remember. I don't necessarily remember a moment either. I had some friends who kind of joked with me and they'd be like I forget exactly what they would say they'd be like. Oh like your Megan's girlfriend now you're immune to be like like Meghan up and I was like. Yeah whatever I don't know and then very quickly. After they won it was like. Oh boy very quickly as soon as we got home. Yeah yeah it was like. Oh it's different. Yeah or even like I think the best. The best example is at the. Sp's so something tell you maybe the people at the viewers watching at the SBA during commercial breaks people can kind of get up and move around and there's a lot of fans in the audience like whether actually to be honest. There's some athlete fans like people who are athletes who are fans of each other and then there's just like little kids or families or whoever and it's like Patrick. Mahomes is sitting next to me and he's getting his fair share. Megan getting like swarmed. So here we are at the. Spf every big-name. Chivalry take every commercial break. Megan is getting absolutely swarmed and I was like. Oh like right. So who's the person who's the person you met subsequent to all of this where you were like again. This is someone who embraced the storm and was fine with it but there had been a celebrity that you met where you were like. Oh my God. I'm meeting whoever like for me. It was like what like what I see what I saw. Denzel Washington. A foot away from the Lakers. Like holy that's who who was nobody. Yeah I mean. I generally don't like totally geek out on celebrities. I mean there's a espy's like Tate Donovan. Beeline for those Donovan. She was like who like nursing. Never seen never skied left ocean. Number nine going Anderson Cooper Cooper so doubt over you though. Biki outnumber you though. I'll have to think on that. I mean I just like the outpouring of support like I mean. It's great that obviously we won like our sport you know is like growing and becoming more exciting and becoming more popular but it just seemed like people are so excited for such a different reason. That was the coolest part about it. I think so one so like this person. Also like Grooved out on Megan Hard Laura dern so you were on Seth Meyers and she was like like went over to the. Us Really Cool Meghan. Once for like. I mean even now to be honest but during that stretch you're making celebrities fans like big celebrities. Boomerang it was. I think I they got actually a photo like I were. It was Halloween and treating people were like multiple children in my neighborhood. By the way I thought it was very cool. Both boys and girls were dressed Ohio and as you loud voice over the summer at that was cool. That was really cool Something I didn't know until I was reading up does does whereas repeat no Dinnertime family conversation at right now because I didn't know your dad is is maybe a conservative. Republican. And you guys bad arguments Are we are we are we? Are We talk every day? Everything's fine yet I just. I can't say that can't be true. There's now it's funny. I think people assume that I'm like yeah born from coast to next. I'm like you know I mean. I'm raging liberal but most of my family pretty much all of my family We're from small town role in California and most of them are quite conservative. I mean I think we're just honest with each other in like I obviously don't agree with it with a lot of holidays and I'm always trying to like get in there and talk about it and Just sort of like yeah I guess just you know. Say My view. And they say there'd be I mean. It was a little awkward for sure after the election in two thousand sixteen number. Almost like. Just give him a chance. Okay okay so let's do that so here we are but yeah it'll it'll be interesting coming up to coming up to this election. We'll see I'll definitely beginning The family conversation defect And I mean this in the most serious way possible. Did it affect the way that You and your family.

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