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This story at those of you remember the movie revolves around the character rachel rachel nevada and one of the top seniors at the time who is unaware that a stalker has been sending her death threats so her manager hires yes you a bodyguard and on our direct line now the actor who plays that role justin mill should point out that you don't really seeing any of those songs that we were just listening do you not not not one of them all go i will kip are have here a bit i you sing a rendition of i will always love you in the play and it usually get a couple of laughs just so you know and that's all i'm going to give you you want to know any more about it you gotta come this year what way i could sneak cept again it's really a carry yoki were you were you run a date with rachel played by actress deborah cox right you've done you've done your research my friend that's right and of course actor kevin costner played the character in the movie at frank farmer right yes he did yes you know one of the hardest thing about this role has been it was written for the screen for kevin by lord's cash and and the characterize it's written is very simple and very direct and very focused very stoic he's very you know a body guards job is to blend into the background and to sorta disappear as you as you take care of business and and try to make sure everything's all i and that doesn't entertain very well on.

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