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Seven hundred sixty wjr news news time five thirty two good morning i'm dick hafner well a stress test was being done on a pedestrian bridge that had just been constructed near miami when it collapsed fell on people and several people were killed local and state and federal agencies are on the scene of the rubble now at the florida international university here's reporter rory o'neill in miami it's the question everyone is asking how could this have happened witnesses who saw the nearly two million pound bridge crash down onto eight lanes of traffic are still in disbelief this was completely recently installed this is just ridiculous and i can't even begin to imagine what the families that have lost people in this horrific accident florida senator marco rubio promises a thorough investigation into the bridges design construction and installation don't get details on an engineering and scientific level as to what the errors were and what led to this catastrophic collapse meanwhile florida governor rick scott says the state will be there for the victims and their families we're gonna everything we can to take care of the individuals i've told everybody the state will provide whenever we sources possible the massive bridge was built at the site of installed just last week at the bridge was about strength and unity about being good neighbours with the city of sweetwater florida international university president mark rosenberg says the span was supposed to bring the school and the town of sweetwater closer together now we're feeling immense sadness and controllable sadness and our hearts go out to all those affected their friends and their families the florida highway patrol cannot predict how long it will take to clear the scene and investigate this disaster rory o'neill miami and the latest information from the scene is that six people were killed in that bridge collapse wpro news time five thirty four many socalled human capital management solutions are actually just stitched together applications that don't even talk to one another but with cronos.

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