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My family and just go back to my condo never come back oh that's the right idea but sir come on now you don't have enough time to get to the airport for twelve fifteen slight tonight now oh maybe took of the security uncovered never mind let's i got to do it next week jamie i let's take some calls i love the down the done as you live there you suck here we go nine steve speaking of wedgies in miami on dooin on the dolphins you know you just try sliding come down because this week the whether it's going to be twice should get it last week but anyways i know you're going to be real quick that you're right our thoughts and it just helmet fell out three weeks okay my question that the ppr right knee you know running backs frank gore lamar miller dion lewis and jordan our and i might be questioned it i don't know if you want to get to that first i would then because i don't know what if you're going to play not much to play him i think our goal make no of the nervous because the up at the line issue this i like or no effect okay got it okay i need whatever one flex i have devonta adam the on the which will benched jordan howard donte moncrief and i well prior so why receiver one plaques thank you but i do i think about um and and moncrief even know what adam shown i don't think that well down very much if at all i know you know he make the summer dot norman but if not against the and then moncrief and get the right in that could be one of the better i scoring game that we you this weekend in a mockery he played ten games of the last few years with andrew luck in a scored.

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