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Only $59 with Michael and son Michael and son. Today, Jill dine in the W T o P Traffic center High Calorie County to 17 northbound slow from the spur through Rockfield remains of a crash in your 28 West Montgomery Avenue. The left lane remains blocked for the last two truck. 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway. Volume delays No incidents at the Bay Bridge still backed up on 50 both ways. But two way traffic is back. In effect in three lanes are open. Eastbound delays began before bail drive, but hopefully easing westbound still slow from at her before Castle Marina Road, two lanes open westbound Beltway and Maryland, still heavy in spots, especially near the Legion Bridge, but just volume on 4 95 in Maryland and Virginia in Virginia on 66 eastbound. The pace is slow from 50 better past 1 23 and moving much better beyond Nutley Street with the crash before the Beltway cleared, have several crashes reported on Route seven eastbound in Tyson's before the Beltway westbound and rest in your Utterback store road. That one got moved out of the way. Westbound lanes are open now. And westbound in Leesburg, near the Battlefield Parkway project that one was blocking the right side. Fairfax County Parkway south Down south of 66 crash should be out of the way volume advances down toward Pope's head wrote an unauthorized work zone on 29 west of Stringfellow Road near Centreville Farms Road. They were working right through rush hour today, just like yesterday. 95 heavy from Lord to Woodbridge, and slow and stretches through Stafford. Likewise, Dortmund heavy in a few spots between Quantico And Springfield ready for the Great American Road trip fit small dot com Has your next ride at Fitzgerald, Mazda like the fuel efficient Mazda C X 30 visit Fitzgerald, master at Fit small dot com Today, Dave Golden w T o P. Traffic. Hey, Matt. I love.

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