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Fairfield four from Nashville Tennessee featured the sweet bass melodies of Sam mccreery whose vocal style. BB? King has admitted he copied. Some. The caravans from Chicago launched the careers of some of the greatest vocalist advocate, Anna Walker as Andrews and Shirley Caesar. I could go on and on hundreds of other groups pushed the boundaries of what this music could be Jerry Zoltin, the author of great God almighty, a history of the Dixie hummingbirds told us fierce talent and competition. Help generate a new performance style hard gospel to me refers to that kind of driving gospel and one of the things I would do is pull out all the vocal stops. And hold nothing. I one. America wasn't ready for that screen. Ira Tucker junior the Dixie hummingbirds broke through in large part because of his father IRA Tucker, a singer with a performance style. Nobody seen or heard before MO man was deferred to jump off the states. All right. He jumped off the stage went down a new audience FANG to the people that was unheard. All. Right. So that was something that kind of open the door. Check ping away gospel had opened many doors by the nineteen fifties. The traveling groups help develop a musical ecosystem of radio stations performance venues record labels that could sustain their careers over decades..

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