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Absolutely and and you know the sort of interesting thing is the more advanced these studies get the more brain areas get implicated so there are some really interesting studies looking at for instance the insular cortex which is responsible for monitoring signals from within the body so it's a logical place for for this function to to to to be located but it there there's all sorts of other parts of the brain that are involved with you know assessing future risk or monitoring the outside environment and so you know i've been following this area of research really closely an and maybe five years ago if you'd asked me i would have said oh it's pretty cool the relief the release zeroing in on the insular cortex and its links to the two to the motor cortex which is what sends the signals out to to your muscles and i think that's where it where it's going to be but at here at as as time has gone on more studies come under the okay but you also have to include the prefrontal cortex and you also have to include the anterior cingulate cortex which assesses year russian of effort and all of a sudden it's like well hang on we've now listed all regions of the brain so it it is they're up is there a central governor or is this just is this a behavior that describes how our brains work to make sure that we don't push ourselves absolute lutely to our limits and you're one of the one of the sort of vivid images that no excuses in when he gives talks hill put up a slide of just after the finish of the nineteen ninety six olympic marathon which is when a fat a south african runner wanted so he likes that picture but the guy came second was i think from south korea and maybe just three seconds behind and the two of them are jogging around the track waving with their flags and he says look what are you notice about the guy in second place east he's not dead and you think each eu think about that if you're if you're finishing a marathon your three seconds from being immortal as the olympic champion of course you can be trying as hard as you can this guy didn't leave anything in reserve at least.

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